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Welcome Bestselling Fantasy/Paranormal Author Skyler White!

In Dreams Begin by Skyler White

At RWA 2010 in Orlando, I was headed for the powder room when I almost bumped into a woman with red dreadlocks. Tired from the trip, and from staying up too late with my critique partner the night before, it took a moment for my brain to kick into gear. When it did, I realized I knew this person

It’s all over and I want the dirt.

The 2010 National RWA conference is over. From all the posts that came to us who stayed at home, it was a fabulous event. You didn’t have to be in Orlando to feel the energy. It sizzled across the net.

Kudos to the RWA staff for pulling off  this super conference after the tragic flooding in Nashville. You are amazing and thousands of RWA members are truly indebted to you for your dedication.

We now know the names of the published and unpublished RWA members who’ve been chosen as the best of the best by their judges.  Congrats from the Ruby-Slippered Sisters. You’ve achieved a level many only dream about.

And speaking of dreams, I’m sure many came true on the magical grounds of Disney.   Congratulations to all who threw off their introvert capes and shined and brought home requests.

Now, I want to know the dirt on the conference. If you have a success story and want to share, the Ruby Sisters will squeal with you again. If you learned interesting  industry news, please share, or if you just have an entertaining story please tell.  Is there something you missed out on and want to know, ask.

My first question for those of you who went to editor panel discussions, what is the new hot? I heard chatter it’s small town stories. Is that true? And who was looking?

Ten things I learned at the RWA National Conference

The Romance Writers of America annual conference is always fun and inspiring. It’s a great time to meet with old friends and make a new ones. It’s a place to do business and to celebrate our successes and commiserate over our disappointments. But, most of all, RWA Nationals is a place to learn new things.

Post-Conference Photo Gallery

RWA 2010 has come and gone, but a warm glow remains. I’m sure at least two of our dear Ruby Sisters are still glowing: Major heel clicks and hugs to Elisa Beatty and C.J. Eernisse Chase who were awarded the Golden Heart in their categories! Elisa gave everyone in the audience a laugh when she thanked Diet Coke in her acceptance speech.

I apologize for the rest of the jumble. It was so touching to see all of the Ruby Sisters and share the stories the past year.


Rubies Sparkle at RWA Golden Heart / Rita Gala Awards Ceremony!

Saturday night brought the fabulous Orlando Nationals Conference to a glittering close, and the Ruby Slippered Sisters did some serious shining on the stage–and on that always intimidating Jumbotron.

Here are some pictures from the big event.  No pictures, unfortunately, of the wonderful moment when Ruby Sister CJ Eernisse Chase won her FIRST Golden Heart after six amazing finals.  And no pictures of the most breathtaking moments of all:  during the Oscars-style montage of covers of Golden-Heart-winning books that have gone on to be published, the gorgeous covers for Darynda Jones’ First Grave on the Right (Feb 2011) and Jeannie Lin’s Butterfly Swords (Oct 2010) flashed up on the Jumbotron, drawing gasps and cheers even from those who don’t already know how fabulous the books are.

Hopefully as other Rubies recover from jet-lag and start sharing more pictures, we’ll have more images from the Big Night here for public view.

Hurray for all the Rubies!

rwa banner

“Live” from Nationals – Fabulous Friday with RWA

It’s Day 2 (or 3, or 4, depending on how you’re counting) of RWA 2010, but it feels like I’ve been in Orlando for twice as long. I’m packing so much in to each day, and judging by the other women dashing (or, like me, tottering) through the lobby in their high heels, most people have adopted the same frenetic pace. If we’re all moving so fast in sleepy, summery Orlando, imagine how bustling the conference will be in the Big Apple next year!

“Live” from Nationals – The Conference Opens

Thursday was the first day of RWA Nationals (or was it the second? Maybe third for some folks? 🙂

Anyway, the first official business was… official business.  RWA members, eager to hear what our board had to say, showed up for the Annual General Meeting at 9:30–only to learn there wasn’t a quorum.

Nationals attendees at the close of the AGM

Nationals attendees at the close of the AGM

So it was a short meeting, and we were on our way by 10:00.  But we did get to applaud the brave souls running for office (woo hoo Addison!)

The Dolphin lobby was soon swarmed with attendees awaiting the Keynote Luncheon (as well as confused families wandering by in bathing suits, mesmerized by the mysterious people whispering about heroes, tragedy, and sizzle.)

And what a keynote luncheon it was.  After eating our green chicken, RWA President Michelle Monkou announced that the literarcy signing had raised… drumroll…


representatives from literacy groups saying thanks

representatives from literacy groups saying thanks

The funds will benefit literacy groups in Orlando and Nashville.

Go us!

This accomplishment is one to be proud of.  Readers are at the heart of what we do; how cool that RWA contributes to literacy in every city hosting our national convention.

Next, luncheon attendees were in for a real treat when speaker Nora Roberts gave us an amazing keynote address.

Nora Roberts keynotes

Nora Roberts keynotes

To paraphrase Nora’s themes:

  • writing is hard
  • your writer friends are worth cherishing
  • RWA is a great organization for writers

I couldn’t agree more with all three points.  (And Ruby Sisters–thanks for all you do.  I’m just saying.)

At the conclusion of the keynote luncheon, we were all off to an afternoon full of workshops or retreats.  I volunteered to moderate the workshop “Pantsers, Plotters, and Plotsers: A Detente.”

Deb Marlowe, Sabrina Jeffries, and Claudia Dain

Deb Marlowe, Sabrina Jeffries, and Claudia Dain

Our lovely and talented panelists are Deb Marlowe, Sabrina Jeffries, and Claudia Dain.  Three great authors; three individual writing processes.  Thanks for reassuring the rest of us that it is all about creating a process which works for us.

Thursday evening had no scheduled events–but for some, it was just as busy.  Publishing houses and agents hosted parties for their authors, while several special interest chapters held annual meetings.

YA-RWA Chapter Meeting

YA-RWA Chapter Meeting

I attended the annual meeting of YA-RWA.  Rosemary Clement-Moore and Tera Lynn Childs were the panelists for a discussion about YA novels and its emergence within RWA.

So, I guess that’s it for now.  If I could pick three words to describe my first official day at RWA Nationals, I’d pick: fun, busy, inspiring.

“Live” from Nationals: Wild Wednesday with RWA

The crowds surged in to Nationals on Wednesday–including Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, who walked past fellow Ruby Sister Kim Law and I in the lobby within about thirty seconds of each other, while we tried very valiantly not to squee (“I love Conference!” said Kim).

Mobs descended on the Registration desks, trying to figure out if they were filed under their pen names or their real names. The Swan and Dolphin have become a weird mash-up of Disney tourists (strollers, sunburns, Mickey Mouse ears) and RWA members (eco-friendly canvas conference bags full of books, cute outfits and name badges, with lots of quick downward eye-flicks to check the name, often followed by “OMG! I KNOW you!!”)

“Live” from Nationals – the day it all gets rolling!

Welcome to RWA Nationals 2010!!!!

This is one of my favorite times of year, but also one of the most stressful. It’s when we all dress up and spit-shine ourselves to pretend we like to network, enjoy small talk, and can’t hardly wait for the opportunity to sit down and “sell” ourselves and our stories to industry professionals. Eeek!!!



Wow! What a year. RWA’s 30th anniversary celebration, fantastic hotel, riverboat cruises, country and western stars, bar-b-q, and then………………

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