Show and Tell Wednesday – Star Wars Edition

So I learned that last Friday was dubbed “Force Friday”, a special date where a bunch of Star Wars merchandise was released into the wild to drum up a commercial frenzy prior to the release of the next installment – “The Force Awakens” in theaters in December.

As I set out for my normal round of errands this weekend, I wondered how much of a disturbance in the force there would be. So I thought I’d take some pictures.

An early stop for me was at the bookstore to get some cinnamon tea. Sure enough, there was a big Star Wars display.


The twinsies had to show off their light saber skills. They get them from me. (They were so enthralled, they didn’t even realize there were M&Ms in those. Shhhh……)


Then off to Walmart for laundry detergent and capes. (Don’t ask. Well, you can probably guess. Boy wanted to be a super-hero. Girl wanted a pink cape like Elsa. Or is it Anna?)

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the laundry detergent aisle, but there were certainly more light sabers.


And sippy cups:


There might have been a small ripple at Walmart, but Target held nothing back. Chewbacca stood right up front to greet us. Little Boy approached tentatively only to jump back when Chewie growled at him.


There was entire Star Wars section inside, complete with a mini-Darth. Star Wars costumes had pre-empted Halloween.


By the time I spotted the soup cans, I’d say the needle was edging over to jaded territory for me.


However, the one thing I was on the lookout for, I didn’t find. Star Wars make-up!


What do you think I should go with? C-3PO Gold or Dark Side Purple?


Where do you fall on the Star Wars spectrum? Tired of the hype? Looking for A New Hope? Own your own lightsaber? Have you seen the new trailer? Am I the ONLY one who was kind of meh on Han’s appearance at the end — Me? Certified Harrison Ford fan girl!?!

I blame pod racing and Jar-jar. Ruiner of all things good and true.




8 responses to “Show and Tell Wednesday – Star Wars Edition”

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Force Friday and all the marketing behind the new Star Wars is brilliant. Disney really knows how to do it right by expanding the target market.

    Love me some Harrison. Great post, Jeannie.


  2. Tamara Hogan says:

    —> the needle was edging over to jaded territory for me.

    Jeannie, I get jaded by advertising very, very quickly, and I must admit I’m already completely burned out on the Star Wars hype. I’ll need to wait for it to die down before seeing the movie. My plan is to wait for the movie to hit Netflix in, oh, mid-2016 or so. 😉

    And nail polish-wise? My choice is Dark Side Purple, obvs. 😉

  3. I was the president of the Harrison Ford fan club in my neighborhood : ) Had plans to become his babysitter and make him fall in love with me.

    I grew up loving Star Wars and everything about it. So I’ll definitely see the new flick. So the advertising is wasted on me. Not sure how many new viewers will pay $10 to see a movie because the spaghetti-o are in Star Wars shapes.

    But drumming up excitement certainly makes consumers feel like they MUST see the movie. Marketing is definitely another branch of human psychology.

    Great post, Jeannie! And your twins are adorable!

  4. Wow, the Force is everywhere! LOL There were a whole bunch of SW fabrics and other merchandise at JoAnn’s when I went to buy pink thread to sew daughter’s ballet pointe shoes. This explains it! 🙂

  5. Oh, we’re going to get sooo tired of this movie before it comes out! Of course I’m going to see it. Isn’t everyone? I mean, even if it sucks, we’re all going to see it. I don’t think this much marketing is necessary.

    And good tip about that Chewy — I’m sure V would be *freaked* out if I got him to go up to it and it growled at him!

  6. Elisa Beatty says:


    Force Friday took me by surprise, so I was thrilled to arrive at Target to find two lifesize Stormtrooper decals on the front sliding doors and the words “Use the Force to Open the Base Doors!”

    When I got inside and saw the lifesize Chewie cut-out, I was giggling like an idiot.

    Takes me back to being 11, and seeing the first movie for the first time!

  7. Since I live in the back of beyond, I’m seldom where marketing reaches–I’ll let you know if the local grocery store feels the force. I think it’s a good thing to let consumers know about a product. For me, I don’t get annoyed by hyperactive advertising–it becomes a game to see how silly (and far-fetched) the products are that can be somehow linked to it. Sippy cups is pushing the limit pretty far. And you’ve got another big-time Harrison Ford fan girl here!

  8. Vivi Andrews says:

    Dark Side Purple! 🙂 I’m excited for the new movie and I haven’t hit hype-saturation yet. Cheesy marketing ploys for the win!


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