Serengeti Lightning by

Sometimes attraction is a force of nature.

Mara Leonard’s biological clock is a ticking bomb. This lioness wants a family and needs a serious man to make that happen – which means breaking up with deliciously sexy, too-young-to-be-taken-seriously Michael Minor.

Michael never grew into the ability to control his shapeshifting when his emotions are high, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on a happily ever after with Mara and the promise of a family of his own. The tricky part is convincing the stubborn, pragmatic schoolteacher to look at him in a new light – as more than an immature sex toy.

When Mara decides to leave the pride to search for a proper mate, Michael doesn’t have much time to convince his over-analytical lover to trust her heart. But if their rocky relationship spills over into the nearby town, it could expose not just his heart, but all of the shapeshifters’ secrets.