Return to Hart’s Cove by

Hart’s Cove…where second chances abound.

To Cade Rivers, the word home conjures up images of small town dances, nosy neighbors and walls that close in around you. So when he’s offered a once-in-a-lifetime position as a sports medicine doctor in Atlanta, he jumps at the chance. There’s only one catch—his childhood sweetheart, who breaks his heart by refusing to leave her hometown. A year later, a manila envelope arrives with papers that say she no longer wants to be his wife. Does Cade dare return to Hart’s Cove, Wyoming in an effort to change her mind? Or will that only result in more heartache for both of them?

Dr. Mirabella Rivers can hardly believe her eyes. There on her examination table—barely covered by one of his mama’s blue-flowered towels—is the finest set of buns this side of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, they belong to her almost-ex husband. And from the look in his eyes, he wants nothing more than to take the “ex” right out of the equation. But can Mira trust him to not walk away just when she needs him the most?