Put a Little Love in St. Valentine’s Day


As writers of romance, some might think that we have St. Valentine’s Day all planned out and perfected. Rose petals and candles, sentimental handmade cards exchanged while we listen to memory-filled songs from a specially created playlist. Sexy lingerie and of course steamy ruby-colored stilettos. After all, we have “written the book” (or many books) on love and romance so Valentine’s Day must be a sultry breeze for us.



As you may have learned from other Ruby posts, we are as real as everyone else, struggling in the very unromantic world around us. Tantrum-perfected toddlers, drama-filled tweens, unrepentant teens, tired spouses, deadlines, dirty houses, mini-vans with strange stains and odd odors, dogs with way too much gas, spouses with way too much gas… It goes on and on. The majority of life is NOT romantic.

However, it is vital for your mental well-being to appreciate life and those who are special to you. If you have beings (spouse, kids, friends, pets) in your life whom you care about, use St. Valentine’s Day as an excuse to remind them how special they are to you. Making others feel appreciated and loved can fill your own well too.

So how to do that…

Keep in mind that what might be appreciated by one person may not be appreciated by another. The key to a fabulous Valentine’s gesture is to make it personal. Here are a couple of ideas.

  1. Find five items that represent qualities you love about the person and wrap them (don’t buy them, find them in the house). Examples: a hammer if your hubby is Mr. Fix It, picture of the kids if he’s a great dad, a feather if your partner is creative in bed.

Then for five days leading up to Valentine’s Day, place one wrapped item on the mantel or where he/she will see it. When asked about the gifts, just smile. Then on the big day have them open each and explain how it reflects something you love about them. This doesn’t cost anything but really makes the person feel appreciated. This can also be done for kids, although they might be disappointed that the gifts are things they already own.

  1. Cut out a bunch of paper hearts. Write something you love about he/she on each one (I do different colors for each of my three kids). The night before Valentine’s Day, after they are asleep, scatter them around their bed or hide them in fun places. In the morning they hunt for and read them. Smiles all around. My teenager has kept his from years ago. I mail an envelope to my college-aged daughter with instructions on the front telling her to scatter them around her room, so she still gets her paper hearts. Her friend told her “Wow, your parents really love you.” Why yes, we do!

  1. If the temperature is above freezing – Take your partner out to a field away from the town lights. Bring hot chocolate in a thermos, a waterproof picnic blanket, and a cuddly blanket for on top. Drink, snuggle, watch the stars, and keep each other warm. Ladies, might I suggest wearing a skirt ; )

  1. Write out different kinds of kisses on paper hearts and put them in a cute box or bag. Examples: passionate, sweet, French, on a ticklish spot, movie kiss, etc. Have fun with coming up with silly or very specific ones. Present it to your partner and have he/she pull out at least one kiss a day.

  1. Have a group of friends to celebrate with? Throw a St. Valentine’s Day Party where they come in PJs to watch favorite romantic movies all day. Let each person bring their favorite. You can shoot for 2/16, the Saturday after Valentines day. Make mimosas and snacks like Candy Heart cookies or do fondue. Buy a big box of Valentines chocolate to share.


These are just a few ideas to start you off. What romantic, sweet, or sexy ideas do you have to make those in your life know that you appreciate and love them?



7 responses to “Put a Little Love in St. Valentine’s Day”

  1. Jennifer Bray-weber says:

    I absolutely ADORE these suggestions, Heather! I think I’m going to do #2 for my family this year. I’d love to make it a tradition.
    Great post!

    • Heather McCollum says:

      Yay! Even the older ones, after rolling their eyes, sit and read them. Something about the compliments being specific and in writing that really impacts them. Try to have “Dad” do it too in his handwriting. It means a lot.

  2. I LOVE these ideas! Great suggestions, Heather. And I love that all of them are about the emotion rather than the expense.

    I offered to babysit for my BFF last night so she can have a date night with her hubby and she said their plan was to go to the store, pick out the perfect cards for each other, show them to each other (but not buy them because money is tight) and then share a scoop at Baskin Robbins. Sounds romantic to me. 🙂

    • Heather McCollum says:

      I love that! I almost bought my DH a card, but it was $8. Yes, $8! I’m making him one instead.

      Yeah – love is not about the money : )

  3. Heather, love your suggestions and one of them made me outright laugh! You have the best zest for life; thanks for sharing.

  4. Lori Dykes says:

    Heather I loved your post! Talking about you are just ordinary people but with an extraordinary gift!! These are such great suggestions and so creative. Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day!❤️

  5. Heather, This is an awesome post and I’m going share it with my FB followers. Like Vivi, I love that they are about giving your heart and thoughts to others.

    Wishing you many hearts in return this Valentine’s Day!


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