Promises & Pina Coladas by

It was a promise made for pina coladas

Back in college, Annie never wanted to settle down, while Ben dreamed of making it big. But one celebratory night, a pact made over a particularly wicked pitcher of pina coladas caught them both by surprise: if either of them needed anything, (anytime, anywhere) the other would be there. It was the kind of thing best friends say, never expecting the words to matter. Only now, a decade later, that promise is coming due.

And now it’s the perfect plan

Ben has everything he wants: he’s a top exec with a New York financial firm, he just received a promotion that will take him halfway around the world, and he has all of the money and security a guy would ever need. Only–he’s never met the girl of his dreams. And Annie, a free spirit following her dreams as a radio dejay and social activist, is still missing one critical piece in the puzzle of her life–her heart. Then Ben is assigned to Annie’s hometown for a brief stint before his newest career move. Will love finally get a second chance to make the perfect match?