Words are like a living entity, with the incredible ability to spread on their own. And partnered with today’s technology their range and speed are vast. They have the power to influence one, or many, and in doing so change the world. They have the potential to span centuries and thus persuade or motivate generations.

Think about that, because as an author that colossal sovereignty comes through you.  What a huge responsibility.

As authors, we spend considerable periods of time thinking about our characters and plot. Then we write. After which, we layer in emotions, senses and setting details. And of course, there is the endless tweaking of dialogue, sentence structure, hooks and much more. However, have you consider the message of your story?

I love to learn new things when I read, and I believe my readers do too. My all-time favorite book is Jean M. Auel’s Valley Of The Horses. Yes. It is a romance, at least it is to me. A beautiful love story. The novel’s setting is the primeval world. I applauded Miss Auel for her research. I can’t imagine the years she spent doing the work. While reading, I learned tons about herbs and ordinary plants and their therapeutic uses. I also learned a valuable safe aid tips, not to mention I discovered a fantasying past world.

In my romantic suspense stories, I’ve embedded true crime cases and safety tips in hopes my readers take heed and share the pointers, because one day my message might just save them from harm. Each of my contemporary novels contain messages relating to honesty with one’s self, strength of character and of family the their importance. My readers have responded positively to my messages in their reviews.

We have the power to change others’ lives-save lives. We can change people’s perception of themselves, help them understand a different person’s perspective or perhaps handle a stressful, urgent situation in a much better way than they would’ve. We can change their beliefs about history, people, the world or the future. We can spur them to take action for a cause. When their life changes, they remember you.

Great stories share information as well as entertain. What is the knowledge that you want to share for the Greater Good with your readers?

Autumn Jordon is happy to announce the release of PERFECT HEARTS.

PerfectHearts2_1400 - Copy (533x800)Blockbuster Movies show it, Platinum Records praise it, great literature lauds it…every living soul searches for it. Good grief, Carrie Twines’ livelihood depends on it. Everyone in Black Moose, Vermont seems to be in love or in hot pursuit of it. Their bliss only reminds Carrie of what she lost as a teen when two geeky best friends became first loves—until heartache sent them on different paths.

Carrie returns to Black Moose to emerge from the shadows of her parents’ stardom and find a normal life, love and family, but the odds are stacked against her. However, her luck is about to change. As she contemplates the merits of spinsterhood, a game of chance brings her back to the man she’d walked away from years ago. He’s even more kind and sexy than he was fourteen years ago, but can she trust him with her heart again?

Luke McQuire is a man with two things on his mind: building his electrical business and evading the town diva, Olive Ann. But when Carrie shows up again like a lucky penny, he’s got more to think about—including why she left him in the first place. He’s a damn good electrician, but can he make sparks fly with the one woman he wants—the one woman who was able to resist him?

Readers loved PERFECT, and the rib-tickling, warm fuzzy feelings continue in PERFECT HEARTS.

41 responses to “POWER”

  1. jbrayweber says:

    We have the power to change lives. Hey…no pressure, right? 🙂
    Great post, Autumn!
    Happy Release and congratulations! (((hugs)))

  2. Addison Fox says:

    Happy Book Birthday, AJ!!!

    And what an awesome post. Words do have power and it’s an awesome responsibility.

    And side note – I LOVE THE VALLEY OF THE HORSES. I’ve read that book over and over (along with the others in that series) but that book was so wonderful and so real and so, so romantic. Makes me think I might need to do a re-read again soon! 🙂


    • Thanks, Addison.

      Great minds think a like. As I wrote this post, I thought I should really visit the Valley again. Hopefully, one day, I will write a book that will be someone’s all time favorite. We both will. WINK

  3. June Love says:

    What a great post, Autumn! Writing is much more than putting words on paper. Words do affect how people feel, think, and perceive.

    Congratulations on your release! I absolutely love your cover. Very nice!

  4. Autumn,

    What a wonderful post. I don’t know if my books have the power to change lives, but I hope that I made someone smile. I think writing changes the writer’s life, though. We touch the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves with every word. People don’t realize that each character we create has a little bit of ourselves in them–or the person we’d like to be.

    • If you made someone smile, you’ve changed their outlook on the day and only God knows what that outlook can do. And you’re so right, each character carries a bit of my heart.

  5. Elizabeth Langston says:

    What a lovely post, Autumn. And so true!

    I read an interview the other day where someone asked an author, “What is your favorite book?” I would draw a blank on that question.

    However, if someone asked me which books had the greatest impact on my life, I would say TOWARD ZERO by Agatha Christie or SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW by Peter Hoeg.

    SSoS completely changed how I thought about simple things, like snow. Smilla knows so much about snow–the different kinds, their properties–that she can tell that a murder has taken place by looking at innocuous set of footprints in the snow. And then she comes out of her shell to see that justice is served.

    That story reminds me how smart and special people can be–that their unique, quiet gifts ought to be celebrated. That’s part of why writing can be such a responsibility–if it helps a reader realize that there is the potential for something extraordinary in all of us.

    Thank you for this post. (And your new book sounds amazing!)

    • I’ve always said, we each have unique talents. Gifts given to us by a higher power and we have a responsibility to share them.

      Many might not think of their talent as being valuable but they are and they can change lives. Someone who is personable and starts a conversation with you in the checkout line while you’re rushed and checking your watch can actually lower your BP. Maybe you’ll walk a little slower and take your time driving because of them. Have they changed your life? Yes. We do the same with are words.

      I haven’t read SSOS but I will now. Thanks for sharing. And thank you on the congrats.

  6. Kim Law says:

    Lovely post, Autumn. And another winner with that cover! The story sounds terrific! I can’t wait to read it.

  7. Beautiful reminder of the power we hold in our hands (or, rather, at our fingertips). I thank you for that.

    And congratulations on the release! Can’t wait to read it!!

  8. Vivi Andrews says:

    Happy Release, Autumn! My books almost all have messages of self-acceptance. That seems to be the song that I keep singing out into the universe. 🙂 Excited to be heading back to Black Moose!

  9. Self-acceptance. Ha We must be sisters. Thank you for the congrats. I hope you love Black Moose’s newest couple as much as I do.

  10. Diana Layne says:

    Happy Release day! Very powerful post! I seem to always write about justice, helping even out the odds when bad things happen to innocent people.

  11. Rita Henuber says:

    LOVE YA SISTER.Such a great post thank you. Congrats on the new book wishing you many sales

  12. Elisa Beatty says:

    Speaking of the power of words: “even more kind and sexy than he was fourteen years ago”….that just sold me the book!

    Seriously, it’s really true that works of fiction shape our sense of the world and how to live in it. We learn so many things from what we read–everything from basic empathy for other human beings, to what mistakes to watch out for in our relationships, to basic survival skills.

    Great post, Autumn!

    • You’re so sweet. Thank you for loving my words.

      Aren’t books wonderful. Just think what the world would be without them. They and their authors are true treasures.

  13. Kate Parker says:

    Great post, Autumn. And a wonderful cover. I’m sure your story will bring smiles to alot of faces.

  14. Congratulations, Autumn! I just love the cover and look forward to reading the book. Black Moose rocks!

  15. Best of luck with your new release, Autumn. The cover is wonderful. It should do very well.

  16. Maggie Kelley says:

    Great post, Autumn, and I love the cover. Rees to many, many sales!

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