Pages for Paws!

It’s a fall fundraiser! Author DD Ayres and I have teamed up with nonprofit K-9s United to further their mission of supporting K-9 teams throughout the U.S.

K-9s United was formed after the tragic death of K-9 officer Baron in the line of duty. K-9 teams do so much to keep us all safe, and their work is absolutely fascinating. That’s why DD and I write about them!

For a minimum donation of just $25.00 to K-9s United, you will get two free personally autographed books, one from me and one from DD. Want more books? Donate more $! The books can be made out to you or to someone else. Personally autographed books make a great holiday gift! 

Get details and make a donation here: Fundraiser Page

Learn more about K-9s United here: K-9s United

Did you know:

K-9 officers were first used in the US in 1907 in New York City, but have been serving Babylonians and other ancient civilians since the 5th century. Wow! 

Some of the dogs used in law enforcement come from shelters. The shepherd-mix Brigit who stars in my Paw Enforcement series came from a shelter, and boy was she glad to be let out of that cage and put to work!

Police dogs live with their handler partners. Living together is critical to forming the pack bond.

We humans with our inferior senses might not be able to distinguish between identical twins, but dogs can smell the difference. Cool, huh?

K-9s don’t come cheap. The cost of training a K-9 is between $6,000 and $15,000. That’s why K-9s United needs our help! 

Thanks to all of you for your support!


8 responses to “Pages for Paws!”

  1. What a great cause, Diane. I saw first hand what these dogs can do while at the Police Writer’s Academy. The hours of training each dog and handler received is tremendously high, but totally worth it. The lives they save can’t be measured in dollars. Kudos to you and D for helping your local unit.

    BTW I love that cover!

    • Diane Kelly says:

      Thanks, Autumn! You’re right – these teams go through hours and hours of training. I had some fun writing about it in Paw Enforcement. Of course my fictional K-9 Brigit was top of her class! ha ha K9s are absolutely fascinating!

  2. What a great idea for a great cause! I especially love the idea of this as a gift for the animal lovers in our lives. Thank you for sharing this, Diane!

  3. Diane Kelly says:

    Thanks, Vivi! I love it when I can use my books to further great causes.

  4. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    Great and worthy cause! I am always amazed when I have the opportunity to watch K-9’s during their training or on the job. Their focus on the task at hand is incredible!

    And what an interesting bit of history! I had no idea their “heritage” dated back to the 5th century.

    Thank you for the information, Diane.

  5. What an awesome cause! It is such a volatile time for law enforcement and these animals are a big part of keeping us safe. Love these K-9 facts, Diane. Adorable cover, too.

    Thanks for bringing this awareness!

  6. Tamara Hogan says:

    What an awesome (pawsome?!) cause, Diane! The holidays are coming up. Great gift idea!

  7. Diane Kelly says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tamara, Cynthia, and Jennifer! Yep, these dogs have been at work for centuries. So cool!


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