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NEW SHOES (Detective Lottie King Mystery Short Stories, Vol. 2) — Newly retired, Lottie King vows to rest, relax, and recreate. Unfortunately, the boredom’s killing this former homicide detective…until she stumbles upon murders in the most unexpected places. Will Lottie’s resolve crumble as the body count rises? Features five mystery short stories and Lottie-inspired recipes.


New Shoes — To celebrate her retirement from Colorado Springs Police, Lottie King vacations in New Orleans and stumbles upon an old murder while shopping for new shoes.


First Dance — With plenty of time on her hands, former homicide detective Lottie King vows to exercise more and lose weight, but her attempt at healthy living gets sidetracked when she discovers a murder victim on the first day of her new dance class.


Light Parade — Lottie King battles the clock and an unexpected Big Bad as she joins the police in a race to find a bomb planted at a Christmas light parade where her Girl Power troop is marching.


Unexpected Delivery — A mysterious package is erroneously delivered to Lottie King who puts on her sleuth hat to find the intended–and surprising–recipient. (A short, short story)


Long Shot — Going stir-crazy in retirement, former homicide detective Lottie King agrees to help a novice private investigator track down a gambling spouse in Las Vegas who ended up losing more than the balance of his bank account.