Meet 2019 Golden Heart Finalist Ann Chaney!!

Today we’re welcoming another Omega, Ann Chaney, a 2019 Golden Heart Finalist in the Regency Historical category with her manuscript DANGEROUS PURSUIT.

Born and raised in in rural southeastern NC, Ann Chaney is a Southern belle who once wore combat boots. Moving from duty station to duty station taught her home was where ever she was. While stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA, her life took a turn far too corny to be believed. Surrounded by 100 military officers and NCOs, she saw a man checking out the buffet. In that instant she fell in love. They were married four months later. John tells whoever will listen they are still on their first date. Love at first sight has never been just a trope to Ann, it’s been her reality. A seven-year veteran of the US Army, she believes her military experience gave her the self-confidence to take on challenges, especially when husband John encouraged her to put herself first and write.

Today, Ann writes historical romance novels set in Regency England. A pantser, her stories come from a single idea and grow. She believes in paying it forward and does so by volunteering. Not only is she a GH finalist this year, but she’s also The Beau Monde’s mini-conference chair in NY. During that conference, she’ll assume the office of Chapter President for 2019-20.

Ann is the 2016 winner in the Historical Unpublished category of RWA’s Kiss of Death Chapter’s Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery & Suspense for her first book and now her 2019 GH entry, Dangerous Pursuit. That year, she also placed second in Indiana’s Golden Opportunity contest for her entry, Along Came A Spy. In 2018, she once again was a finalist in the Daphne and received Honorable Mention for her second book, Dangerous Liaison. She currently is working on the third book of her Lords of Whitehall series.

Here’s a blurb for DANGEROUS PURSUIT:

Richard Weatherington, a lord of the Realm and a spy, speaks five languages, fights with the finesse of a gentleman and pursues enemies of the Crown with a vengeance. A lone wolf, Richard balks when told he will have a partner, Lady Serena Preston. They share a rather disjointed history. Four years earlier, after drinking a pilfered bottle of champagne, a tipsy Serena stood at the foot of his bed and demanded to know why he didn’t love her.

 When an assassin for hire escapes Whitehall’s custody and is believed to be heading for Portugal to kill Lord General Wellesley, Richard volunteers to pursue the killer. Never one to be left behind, Serena dressed as a young man, follows him. Still as quarrelsome as ever, Serena questions him at every turn. His greatest fear is her lack of experience will get them killed. Each life or death encounter affirms Serena excels at keeping a cool head. With no traveling companions to hide behind, they fill the hours carefully revisiting their shared past and getting to know each other again. The urgency of their quest to save Wellesley takes center stage. Should they manage to stay alive, maybe they can start over. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Oh, delectable! You’re a writer after my own heart (check out the blurb on one of my Lara Archer books, THE DEVIL MAY CARE.) I’m so looking forward to reading this one!

Okay, friends—there may be enemy spies all around us, so I’m going to ask you to meet Ann and me in the secret back room of a little Portuguese tavern I know where the port wine flows freely and the Cozido à Portuguesa is delicious. Ask for João Miguel; the password is “rogues.”


Welcome, Ann! So fun to have you with us today! Let’s start with my favorite question: what was it like getting that Golden Heart call?

Thursday mornings, I write with author friends Dorothy McFalls and Amanda Berry at Panera. March 21st this year, Amanda and I were enjoying our bagels and cream cheese and cups of hot tea. Oh yeah, we were writing too! That morning I’d told myself the day was like any other day. I was convinced this year would be like the other years with no call, but deep down I wished this year would be different. What can I say, I’m a gambler at heart. Always looking for a win. Of course, the minute I stepped away from the table, my phone rang. I quick timed back to answer a robocall. Amanda told me maybe it was too early for the calls. Better to relax. Write. I once again told myself to get a grip. Not five minutes later, RWA board member Donna Alward called. My heart stuttered when she said her name! I froze! The only two words I could enunciate were “thank you” over and over! I sounded like a ninny! I learned an important lesson that day. The stuff dreams are made of can’t compare to the moment when a dream becomes a reality. I’ve thought back to that day many times in the last four months. It was worth the wait!

Oh, that’s fabulous!! What a wonderful moment! And how has the Golden Heart journey been for you so far?

I’m a first-time finalist in GH, so the last 4 months have been like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump’s mama talked about. You never know what you are gonna get. I had no idea back in March what was about to happen. Full disclosure, every year from submission until the finalists were called, I fantasized about the moment when I got the call, but I never thought about what came next.

All I knew about GH were the two receptions on Wednesday night at conference and the award ceremonies. Little did I know there is so much more. By Day 2 of my GH experience, I was a member of a Facebook private group for the 2019 GH finalists. Talk about wanting a community. Overnight, I gained 53 friends. I wasn’t the only first-time finalist. The others who had finaled in previous years were amazing. Those authors answered our questions and nudged us in the right direction in those early days when we were still reeling from the news. For me, I knew from that first meet and greet post, I was safe. I didn’t know what would happen in the coming weeks, but I did know I would enjoy every minute.

I almost didn’t enter this year. At the last minute, I decided I didn’t want to give up my last chance to realize my dream. Didn’t really then and not now, think about winning. There I said it! I wanted the experience of being a finalist! I wanted that sense of community.

How wonderful that you did enter! The Golden Heart sisterhood is an amazing community, indeed. But you’re hardly an outsider in Romancelandia—you’re about to become President of the Beau Monde, an august and formidable RWA group.

I have many communities in my writing world. Since 2013, I’ve attended writers’ retreats in NC/SC. Wouldn’t trade a moment of that time. I count down the days. My RWA chapters: Lowcountry RWA, Heart of Carolina RWA and the Beau Monde keep my attention on the end game. Writing a great story. I wouldn’t be where I am at this moment without these writers in my life.

Thank goodness all those support systems are out there—especially with this being the last year for the GH (sigh and sigh and sigh again). Have you found your way to The Golden Network, the umbrella organization for all classes of Golden Heart Finalists?

Yes! One of the first nice surprises of becoming a finalist was discovering TGN. I thought I was fairly informed on the chapters in RWA, but I’d never heard of the group before. I now had another home, another safe place. I love reading the FB posts on the TGN page. My circle of friends continues to grow.

And another special surprise was getting your email outlining the submission requirements for the 2019 GH finalists blog posts with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood! That was like being asked to sit at the big kids’ table. My thanks to the Rubies for making this opportunity possible for us.

We’re delighted to be hosting you all!! I love that we seem like the big kids’ table. I promise we still trebuchet spoonfuls of sweet potatoes at the ceiling and eat our pie first.

So tell me a little more about the Omegas. How did you go about choosing that name?

Within days of getting our calls, someone started the conversation about class name. Remember I’m the clueless one. Yes, I knew each class had a name, but never thought about how that name came about. The class came up with a list of names then winnowed that list down until we voted to be “Omegas”. Oh, then we had to come up with a pin which several of our very talented members managed to design. Getting 53 women to agree on anything is quite a feat, but everyone remained focused on creating a name we will be proud to own for years to come. Can’t wait for everyone to see our Omega pin! It’s gorgeous.

Having a GH class pin is truly a special thing. My Ruby, Unsinkable, and Firebird pins will always, always take pride of place on my conference badges, and I will always view them with pride and affection for my class sisters.

So you’ll be at Nationals this year! What’s going to be your focus for conference?

Every past GH winner and finalist I’ve talked to tells me to enjoy this time and to savor every moment in NY. I am and I will. I’ll be the Omega with a goofy grin on my face. I hope some of you say hello. See you in NY!

See you then!! Do you have a question for our readers today?

Here goes:  Let’s have a fangirl moment. What author would you like to meet and spend a few minutes talking about writing?  

57 responses to “Meet 2019 Golden Heart Finalist Ann Chaney!!”

  1. Love your love at first sight story! ❤️

    Ooh your question is a hard one! So many. I think Terry Pratchett. I love his world view and the humour and integrity that shines through in his work.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Thanks Alice.I’ve been very fortunate to share my life with John.

      As for your fangirl moment. Terry is a pretty good choice. Such a distinguished gentleman. He has that James bond vibe going on doesn’t he?

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I so wish meeting Terry were still possible!

      Did you see how they saved a seat for him (with popcorn!) at the Good Omens premiere viewing party?

      What a wonderful man!

  2. Robin Hillyer Miles says:

    I’m so happy for you, Ann!
    Congratulations again.
    I’d love to have a chat with Sarah Addison Allen.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Thanks Robin. I’m here because of you and my fellow Lowcountry RWA members. I’m proud to belong to a chapter where the members support each other.

      Your choice for your fangirl moment brought a smile to my face. Sarah is from Asheville NC and a wonderful writer. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Awww what a beautiful story of love at first sight! And I loved how you recounted The Call…I’m a first-time GH finalist, too, and feel you 100%! Can’t wait to meet you in person in NYC 🙂 And P.S. Thank you for serving!

  4. Ann Chaney says:

    Hi Angie, thank you for your nice words. I still can’t believe how jaw dropping the Call was for me. It’s not like Publisher’s Clearinghouse knocked on my front door! I knew, we knew what day it was. Looking back, I did the same when I got the calls for Daphne finals too.

    As for meeting Christina and all those books. I know what you mean. When I went to a Marie Force workshop a few years ago, I got there early and watched her. Completely gobsmacked by all her books and success. She was so down to earth and funny just like me. Well, she probably funnier than I am.

  5. Lorraine Quinn says:

    Hey Ann,

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you again in NYC!

    • Ann Chaney says:


      Thanks for stopping by. Ditto for me on NY. So glad you’re going this year. You are a dear friend who is always there for me. I’m so glad we both are friends of robin Weaver and Linda Lovely!

  6. Becke Turner says:

    I’m with you on the wonder of the first time GH experience. It’s like the 10 days before Christmas–every day brings a new surprise gift. Love that you selected your DH at the buffet! That created a multitude of juicy comments in my writer’s head.

    Since I love DNA science, Jamie Metzl of Hacking Darwin fame would be insightful. Fredrik Backman and Kristin Hannah. I know you said one. I find it difficult to follow the rules. So many interesting people in the world.

    Looking forward to meeting my Omega sisters in NYC.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Hi Becke, Every year on June 30 we go to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. This year, this past Sunday, I looked at John and said I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican. You’d thought I’d said he had to sell our dog Chuy named for a Tex Mex restaurant.(Only now I’m realizing the irony in that.) We went to Senor Tequila’s!

      Oh and DNA science…I recently did the 23 and Me testing. Completely blown away by the results. Bought a kit for John.

      As for breaking the rules, I say go for it. All three of your choices are stellar. Wouldn’t want to leave a single one out. Thanks for stopping by and I’m very excited about meeting you and our Omega sisters in NY.

  7. Elly Kate says:

    Love your love at first sight love story! SO romantic. And I can’t wait to meet you in person in NYC!

    I wish I could have discussed writing poetry with Seamus Heaney – he was the ultimate craftsman. For romance, I would like to pick Lisa Kleypas’ brain, or Kresley Cole. They’re both so amazing with plot structure, and that’s my weakness. 🙂

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I was lucky enough to have Seamus Heaney as one of my teachers when I was an undergrad. A very warm and charismatic man!

      Now I teach his poetry to my own students…and, luckily, they love it.

      • Elly Kate says:

        That’s incredible! His work is such an inspiration.

        • Elisa Beatty says:

          He was ultimately on my oral exam committee my senior year…and pointed out that a prose passage I’d written in my (creative writing) thesis was mostly iambic pentameter.

          And then he quizzed me on Joyce’s Ulysses.

          It was fun!

  8. Ann Chaney says:

    Hi Elly,
    I feel the same about seeing all our Omega sisters in NY. After the FB posts I feel like I know almost everyone. Will be so great to have each other to share this experience.

    I feel the same way about Jo Beverley as you do Seamus. to have that one on one time to soak up their sense of the craft. I’m with you on Lisa Kleypas and Kressley Cole. Maybe we will see them in NY.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Ann! Congrats on all you have achieved the past few years as a writer! And I can personally attest to the fact that the Beau Monde is better for having you aboard. The mini-conference this year is going to be the bomb, especially with Beau Monde’s 25-year anniversary. You’ll probably be too busy to journal any of your experiences, so make sure that while in NY, every so often remind yourself to stop and soak in the moment and remember it. A friend did this during my wedding day-she’d whisper in my ear-“Remember this.” and sure enough, the memories that float to the front are always those particular ones.
    As for your question, I’ve always wanted to meet Kathleen Woodiwiss in her early days. I was always impatiently waiting for her next book to come out. Her writing style-damsel in distress being rescued by the hero-has evolved to damsels saving their own butts, but she did know how to evoke emotion. And she wrote a magnificent hero.
    Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you during the Golden Heart award ceremony!

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Hi chloe,

      Thank you for those sweet words.I agree The Beau Monde conference and soiree will be fabulous this year. GH and the conference coordination are a challenge to juggle so both are given the time they deserve. Journaling is a great idea! I’m going to find a pretty journal and pens. Writing in the journal will be a great reason to sit down! I’ve scoured online sites and Sephora looking for cure alls for sore feet. Breaking in my new shoes. A painful lesson learned in SD in 2016.

      I agree to be able to sit down with Kathleen would be great. Imagine the tidbits she’d share. Now I want to go back and reread all her books one more time.
      Thanks for stopping by. You’re the best!

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      What a great idea about stopping to record memories!! I love that your friend did that for you on your wedding day!

      And, yeah, I wonder what Kathleen Woodiwiss would say about the romance genre today.

  10. Claire DeWolf says:

    Hi Ann,
    I hate being redundant but I loved your love at first site story too. What was he checking out at the buffet? The roast beef? The pie? You?

    Equally redundant, I’m a Golden Heart first timer too and was also delighted by the new world that opened up. I can’t wait to meet you and all our Omega sisters in NYC. You are all so amazing. I’m humbled and honored to be part of the group.

    As for authors to talk writing, that depends on the topic. I’d love to talk to J.R. Ward, Diana Gabaldon, and J.K Rowling about world building. For everything sci-fi, that would be Linnea Sinclair. And for story plot, I want to pick Debra Dixon’s brain. I took her class but I want more. Brilliant woman.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      He only had eyes for the buffet. He did sit at my table that night. Ignored me. I was flabbergasted! Didn’t he feel it? didn’t he know? I did why didn’t he? OMG! What a great blurb! Two months later I invited him over to my apartment and he’s never left. He’s proud of that fact. Ask him about the story in NY. You’ll make his day!

      Your faves are mine as well. The only problem is I would be tongue tied surrounded by all that talent.

      Thanks for chiming in. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of our class in NY.

  11. Ann Chaney says:

    As I replied to my fellow Beau Monder Chloe Flowers, I realized I hadn’t shared my choice for a fangirl moment.

    There’s a lot of authors I’d like to talk to, ask questions and listen to them talk about their writing journey. But hands down, I would love to spend time with Mary Balogh. She is the consummate storyteller. Love how she weaves her stories into a tale that could happen today as well as 200 years ago. I have another story about Mary, but I’ll post that later today.

  12. Welcome, Ann, and congratulations on your final! I’m so glad you’re getting the most out of your final experience.

    For my fangirl moments… I’ve been fortunate to meet some of my favorite authors – but I’m always such an idiot when I meet them. Social awkwardness FTW. I’m always too much in awe to see them as peers, but I’m going to try to be better about that – to believe that I belong at the table.

    Good luck and have a wonderful time in NYC!

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Thanks for the welcome, Vivi. I need to work on that as well. Today those of us who have a early mail deliver (not me) received a packet from RWA. another step forward. Love the suspense of it all.

      • Elisa Beatty says:

        OOH!! I wonder if it’s your GH pins!!!

        Someone else told me they hadn’t come yet, and was wondering if you’d have to wait until conference registration to get them.

  13. The GH community has been one of the greatest gifts of finaling. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Hear hear! I feel the same. I won’t be going with you guys to dinner on Tuesday night. Will be at the Beau Monde soiree. I plan to meet y’all in the lobby so I can say hello.

  14. Kellie VanHorn says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ann! As a fellow first-timer, I can totally relate. I had no idea what a wonderful community we were joining!

    As for your question, I’d like to meet Dani Pettrey. She writes inspy romantic suspense and has a gorgeous website.

    • Ann Chaney says:


      I googled Dani’s website. Lovely and peaceful like the lady herself. Haven’t read her but will add her books to my TBR list.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      It IS such a wonderful community. RWA is losing something special by discontinuing the contest.

      I still haven’t heard a decent rationale, either, once they admitted during last year’s General Meeting that money wasn’t really the issue. So what WAS the issue????

      It pains me to say it, but in the absence of some better explanation, I still think it started with someone’s pissiness that they never finaled…. *eyes roll”*

      I understand the concept that they want something that serves “all” unpublished members. But a little competition is a GOOD thing in an organization dedicated to showing the world that Romance is for QUALITY writing. The contest encouraged many, many people to finish their first book, whether or not they ended up finaling. It was an important carrot that was a step before the carrot of finaling publishing, and made all the difference for many of us who put in the extra effort to be eligible to enter.

      And trying to identify and give extra support to the most promising newcomers is NOT A BAD THING for the organization. So many amazingly talented people would have given up before
      publication if not for the encouragement of finaling and the support of the Golden Heart community.

      We’ve been robbed of something incredibly valuable, and I’m going to be salty for a long, long time.

  15. Anna Collins says:

    Love at first sight stories are my fav! Your background sounds fascinating.

    I’d love to sit down for a bit with Liane Moriarty and pick her brain on how to write multi POV! 🙂

  16. Fenley Grant says:

    Hi, Ann!

    Fellow Omega first-time GH finalist here and I agree with everything you said. It’s been overwhelming, in the best sense of the word.

    I had the pleasure of meeting my all-time favorite writing team (a married couple using the pen name Ilona Andrews) at a book signing. I’d love to share a meal with them and ask how they world-build so well and how they create such vivid characters. Plus, she is Russian and has a beautiful accent. I love to hear her talk!

    I love the premise of your novel and can’t wait to read it. See you soon in NYC!

    • Ann Chaney says:


      I love your fangirl moment. I love meeting writers. No two are exactly alike. I love how their personal stories are all unique. I know each has a great talent or interest aside from writing that surprises me. I want to ask everyone I meet to tell me their personal story, but alas, there’s not enough hours in the day.

  17. Jilly Wood says:

    Hi Ann,

    Congratulations on your final–your story sounds like just my cup of tea! I love historicals, especially ones with lots of action and adventure and snark.

    I wish I could have met the late Dorothy Dunnett. I love her Lymond Chronicles–the charismatic, complicated hero; brilliant, bluestocking heroine; epic settings and storyline; and most of all, her spectacular set-piece endings. I wish I knew more about the woman behind the books.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I keep meaning to read Dorothy Dunnett! You inspired me to order a copy of A Game of Kings. Hopefully I’ll have read it before Nationals, and maybe we’ll get a chance to talk about it!

    • Ann Chaney says:

      HI Jilly,

      I, like many of us, fight “Impostor Syndrome” at every turn. Thank you for your kind words. I share your love for Dorothy Dunnett.

  18. rosie danan says:

    Love this interview!

    I’d like to meet Helen Hoang. I am so impressed with her as both an author and a person. I’d probably embarrass myself but I think it would be worth it.

  19. Fascinating story on you, lady. I’m a first timer as well (and I guess a last timer,eh?). Looking forward to meeting you in NY. In terms of who I’d like to talk to? It’s a tossup between Harper Lee and Kazuo Ishiguro because I love both their books sooooo much.

  20. Lisa Heartman says:

    Ann, what a cool story on how you met your hubby, and your actual story sounds pretty great too!

    The whole GH experience has been a whirlwind of emotion. “The stuff dreams are made of can’t compare to the moment when a dream becomes a reality.” I completely agree. I’m so grateful to share this experience with you and all my GH sisters. See you in NYC!

    • Ann Chaney says:


      Thanks for stopping by. I’ve loved every post today and the support from our Omega sisters has been fantastic. One of my favorites saying is I’ve seen it all and nothing surprises me anymore. GH has put that belief to shame. Oh as for my package. I live in SC and we’ve had a horrible thunderstorm all afternoon and evening. I still don’t have my package! When the rain stops John’s going to sprint to the mailbox for me. the man may have not been struck by a bolt of love that first moment but he’s made up for it ever since. Lol!

  21. Ann Chaney says:

    Ok, today has been amazing for me.GH has given me so many great experiences. I’ve never blogged before so this experience has been exciting. Loved talking to everyone.

    I do owe you my Mary Balogh story. So Mary Balogh is my all time favorite author. What she does with characterization and plot makes reading her books a visceral experience. Her latest book came out yesterday o AMZ. I pre-ordered the book weeks ago. Will read it straight through no matter how long it takes. Mary and I spend a lot of late nights together.

    I have a baby sister Tammy who loves Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird. For one of her milestone birthdays I bought a 2d maybe 3rd edition of TKAM and sent it to Harper’s sister asking if Harper would autograph. Yes, I know Harper never gave autographs but I’m an optimist. I got a lovely letter back from the sister saying Harper did not autograph. Tammy’s birthday present was the unsigned book and the letter.

    My favorite book of all time is Mary’s the Secret Pearl. If you like Regency romance, no if you love romance and haven’t read this book, please consider adding the book to your wishlist. You won’t regret doing so..The story is amazing! I reread the book at least once a year and cry every time. My niece asked to borrow the book a few summers back to read while home from law school. I adore my niece so I handed over my book. That summer I also had a milestone birthday. I threw my own birthday party for my sisters and their families and my aunts and uncles and cousins. Had a blast. My sister gave me a wrapped gift. when I unwrapped the gift I found my copy of Secret Pearl. She couldn’t find a copy to buy so she had Mary Kathryn ask for my copy to read. Tammy wrote Mary who signed my book and wrote me a lovely letter encouraging me to keep at my writing and and included a bookmark. That gift was the absolute best gift ever.

    Two more things. Don’t you love how I didn’t tell which birthday but called them milestones. A woman had to be the one came up with that term. Secondly, I guess I like this blogging gig. It’s just like talking and I do that every day.

    Thank you to everyone who posted today. As I said in my blog please stop me and say hello. If I’m sitting down writing in my journal stop anyway. You may end up in my journal!

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Oh, The Secret Pearl blew my mind!!

      It really made me realize romances can be very very seriously emotional and meaningful, and risk going into territory that isn’t “safe.” Mary Balogh is amazing, and I LOVE that your sister got your copy signed, and that Mary Balogh sent you an encouraging letter about your writing!!! (I do wish she were active in RWA, but…ah, well.)

      I’m so delighted you enjoyed blogging today…yes, it is just a really big conversation, and always so interesting to see what others say! And be aware that we typically have about 10 times as many readers as commenters (I can see the number of unique visitors on the dashboard behind the scenes), so your words went out to a lot more people than you might think!

      I’m looking forward to meeting you in NYC, and I promise I’ll come up and say hello even if I see you absorbed in your journal!

      Thanks so much for being with us today!


  22. Tracy Brody says:

    Ann, Congrats again on being a GH finalist! Sorry I’m late to the party, but was working at the USO yesterday. Think you’ll forgive me since I was supporting and hugging current and former military members and their families. 😉

    I’m glad you’ve achieved the GH dream and community that lasts well beyond this year’s conference.

    Hmm, I’m already had the opportunity to meet many wonderful authors, but two grand dames I’ve read and would love to meet are Mary Higgins Clark and LaVyrle Spencer.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Tracy, you are never late to the party. Thank you for that double shift at the USA. I remember all too well the hours I spent in airport USOs between flights. I’m sure you see the appreciation in the eyes of every service member who comes through the USO doors.

      Having you as one of my Omega sisters makes this experience all the more special. Our paths have crossed so many times in the past few years with our NC/SC connection and mutual friends. Thanks for always smiling and being a great friend to me and others.

  23. Congratulations Ann! I am so happy for you and what a great interview. I can’t wait to read your book.

    • Ann Chaney says:

      Thanks, Sherri. for your kind words. You and HCRW’s Book in a Week have played a major part in my writing journey. BIAW keeps me moving forward. Thank you being our fearless leader. You’re the best!

  24. Hi Ann,

    I so related to your story. I’m a first time Golden Heart too and it is so overwhelming–in the best possible way. So glad to have a community to help (HOLD MY HAND, PLEASE) through all of it. Can’t wait to meet you in NYC.

    PS–Is anyone else having issues with the CAPTCHA codes? I type one in correctly, it says there’s an error and I have to do that three or four times before it will go through. Just started yesterday.

    On the day I received the call–I also just remember repeating myself over and over again–I received a private congratulatory message on Twitter from KRISTAN HIGGINS. I was so giddy. I am a huge fangirl of hers. Then she gave me written permission to stalk her. I can’t wait to meet her in Nationals.


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