Little White Lies by

It all started with one harmless little fib…

Fifteen years ago Candy Raines moved to California to get far away from her high profile political family—and all the baggage that comes with them.  She’s built a damn fine life for herself in Tinseltown as the resident tech specialist for Elite Protection, complete with the perfect no-strings relationship.  If she had to invent a husband to get her Machiavellian mother off her back, that lie is just the price of her freedom.  But now her sister is getting married in a splashy society wedding and Candy has to make an appearance—with her husband.

Ren “Pretty Boy” Xiao has plenty of secrets of his own—secrets Candy has helped him hide—so when the woman who never asks for help tells him she needs him to pose as her husband for a week, he can’t refuse. Especially when it gives him a chance to see behind Candy’s many masks and reignites his hope that he might finally convince her to take their relationship beyond friends-with-benefits.

But when they arrive at the wedding, they realize the secrets run deeper than they could have imagined—and nothing is darker than Little White Lies.


“I loved every page-turning minute of this book!”   -Elizabeth Bemis