Lights. Camera. Marriage! by

After two serious relationships end short of the altar, Sophie Redmond decides to put love in fate’s hands and signs up for a Reality TV Show called Lights. Camera. Marriage! On the show, twenty men compete for the attentions of one woman, and America at large votes off the cast members until the last man standing is contractually obligated to marry her and live with her in front of the cameras for the rest of the season.

Former Navy Petty Officer and current Best-Selling Spy Novelist, Jay Sinclair is looking for nothing more than to finish his current book and spend the next year traveling. It’s a trip he’s put off before, but not again! That is, until his brother, Patrick, a Lights. Camera. Marriage! assistant producer, begs him to take the place of a last minute cancellation with the idea that Jay should act badly to get kicked off the show. When the viewing audience sees through Jay’s act and leaves him the last man standing, can Jay and Sophie make their make their marriage work after the lights and cameras are gone?