Happy New Year

To me, this is the new year. Summer vacation is almost over. Our kids are going back to school in 3 weeks. In some places, they’ll be back in school even earlier. We’re looking forward to cooler nights, to exercising outside without melting into our shoes, to football season, and to getting into a regular schedule.

RWA conference is a thing of the past. We know who the winners were for last year for the Ritas and Golden Hearts. We’ve learned a thing or two from the workshops. The slate is clean. Time to write, to polish, and to plan to enter our very best work in this year’s Ritas and Golden Hearts. And time to start budgeting for RWA Denver next summer.

This is the time to escape from the cocoons we’ve been in thanks to heat, to exhaustion, to grief, and to despair. Now we shall rise up, put our butts in our chairs, our hands on our keyboards, and use the knowledge gained in Orlando to write more and better prose.

So to everyone, I say Happy New Year. May it be better than last year and everything you hope it will be.

Tell me what you have planned to start your new year off right and what you’re working on right now.


Kate Parker is the author of the Victorian Bookshop Mysteries and the Deadly series. She is currently taking her own advice and working hard on the third Deadly story, Deadly Fashion, out this fall (she hopes)

13 responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. You’re right, Kate. This time of year seems like a fresh start. New paper. New pencils. I love the excitement.

    Presently, I’m in the middle of another romantic suspense. My goal is to finish it by the ghoul holiday. And then I want to start plotting and working on characters for another Perfect Love story over the next few months until WWF starts.

    I think it’s wise to set goals.

  2. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    I like the analogy and you are absolutely right…new year, fresh ideas, refresh/polish some of those old ideas.

    As for me, working a on a MG mystery…but planning and plotting ahead. for “the new year”.

  3. I love the idea of approaching the time after conference as a new year! It definitely feels like that post-Christmas get-back-in-the-swing-of-things time. My new year’s resolutions mostly involve getting all the little stuff cleared off my desk so I can get back to writing. Today is lots of busy work, but having it done will be a weight off my mind. 🙂

    Good luck with your new year!

  4. Darynda Jones says:

    I love this time of year! I love the smell of school supplies and the excitement that goes hand in hand with a fresh start. I’m working on the 13th, and last, in the Charley Davidson series, and I’m already giddy with what I’ll write next. Such a fun time!

  5. Preach, sister.

    I skipped through Target over the weekend, like some happy Disney princess, picking out kid’s back to school supplies. T-minus 15 hours and counting, until my day settles back into a semi-predictable schedule.

    Meanwhile, I’m entering All The Contests with a new manuscript, and working on my first short story.

    • Kate Parker says:

      Excellent. It really is a new year for you, with the new schedule, short story, and contests. And I love all those rows of pristine notebooks, too.

  6. Heather D McCollum says:

    Hi Kate!
    My youngest just went back to school (we are year round here in NC), and my oldest is about to start college on Friday. My middle child will start high school again in three weeks. So it’s still a bit crazy here. I also have a book releasing next week and am busy getting my ducks in a row. But then…big sigh…I am starting a new series! I’m very excited and “New Years” is the time to do it. Thanks for the perspective!

    • Kate Parker says:

      New year, new series, new release. You’re in that transitional phase. The leaves are starting to fall here, but it’s drought, not fall weather.

  7. Addison Fox says:

    Kate – I LOVE this!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!



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