This week we will have an ENTIRE 50 words to tell our stories, so today’s writing prompt will be a first line. And one lucky writer will win a 3-page critique from our very own Heather McCollum!!!



Since today is the first day of November, and family plays such a big role this month, I thought I’d focus on that very thing. For today’s assignment, begin your story with the line,

My family was only missing one thing:



And that’s it! Tell us your story in 50 words or fewer and you’ll have a chance to win today’s awesome critique.


*NOTE: Darynda is at a conference, so she will not get to comment on your stories until later today or tomorrow, but don’t worry! She will read them all and the Rubies will be here to save the day! They are going to help with comments and questions.

25 responses to “FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Family Ties”

  1. Evelyn Hawke says:

    Kelly and James, wait as I take my seat. Kelly’s eye falls out and rolls across the table. James can’t give me more children, but there’s a cutie at the park, he’ll do. Then our family will be complete. I put Kelly’s eye back in and kiss her forehead.


  2. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    My family was only missing one thing, me. Or so I liked to think. When I was able to visit my family, it always started out just fine. Hugs and kisses; good food, loving company and catching up. My “catching up” always came back to being asked the same questions.

  3. Anastasia Mosher says:

    My family was only missing one thing—a baby. Five years of trying, testing, waiting. Nothing. My dreams of a large family crashed around me daily. But it’s okay, there are other ways. A baby left in the car while a mother went into the store. Now he’s mine.

  4. Lydia Stevens says:

    My family was only missing one thing, mashed potatoes. It was my responsibility this year. I didn’t have time to go to “the county” where we own potato fields. I’d buy some from the store. They were sold out. How can a Mainer forget the staple of the holiday dinner?

  5. Tresa Landry says:

    My family was only missing one thing: an alibi. I looked around the room, still shaking and breathing heavily. Grandma Rose had bloody hands and Uncle Rob had the fireplace poker raised like a bat. No one would ever suspect us if we got our stories straight.

  6. April Mitchell says:

    My family was only missing one thing: me. My family disowned me when I told them I wouldn’t help them take over Heaven. That’s okay with me, God saved my life when Lucifer tired to kill me. Instead, I’m going to take over Hell. Lucifer get ready, here I come.

  7. Lisa Abraham says:

    Ha ha – this is awesome! Here’s my story:

    My family was only missing one thing: money. We had all the brains, good looks, and talent a family could ask for – even our name was one of the most venerated in town – but our pockets held nothing but lint. Then I married a rich old man twice my age.

  8. ****WINNER!****

    Sorry I’m so late, all! These were awesome! The winner of the critique is Tresa Landry! CONGRATS!


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