Welcome to another episode of Flash Fiction Friday! We have a special bribe incentive for those participating in today’s exercise.

We are giving away a critique!

That’s right, boys and girls. One participant will win a 5-page critique from yours truly, chosen using, so get those brain cells ready.

I thought I’d make today’s challenge super fun with a visual prompt. So let’s hone our skills and sharpen our creative minds by writing about this foreboding picture (it IS October, after all) in 50 words or less:

To enter today’s giveaway, tell us a story using this picture as your creative muse in 50 WORDS OR LESS and post it in the comments below. That’s it! That’s all there is to it. There’ nothing more…

OOPS! Wait, there IS more.

Have fun with this!

Don’t stress over perfection. I’m convinced there is no such thing. And read the other entries! Comments and encouragement are welcome!

Good luck!  


  1. ******WINNER!!!!******
    We have a winner, but keep those stories coming! I LOVE reading them so this is purely self-indulgent.


    Congrats, Lisa. I’ll email you for your submission. And thanks, all, for playing!

    I’ll go first! I wrote this in five minutes so be gentle. LOL.

    It would only take a drop. One lovely drop and he’d be sorry. Sorry for not calling. For not returning her texts. For not seeing the real woman beneath the mousy tangles and coke-bottle specs. He would have no choice but to see her. He would perform the autopsy.

  2. Nancy Doublin says:

    I gazed ruefully upon all the empty bottles that once held the poisons I’d consumed over the last thousand years in my quest for death. I’m tired. Just so tired.

    I’d laughed at the sorcerer when he cursed me with immortality. I know now the joke was on me.

  3. Carmilla says:

    It would be so easy. The solution to all his problems in one bottle. John looked down at his palm, knowing he would never get the chance to hold the hand of his best friend in it. “Why did you leave me?” He whispered, anger rising as his eyes prickled with unshed tears. “You bastard!” The yell echoed in the small cellar. The decision was made for him as his hand reached for the bottle. “I’m coming to you.” He unscrewed the poison. “And this time, I will tell you how I feel.”

  4. Amanda Gray says:

    Trauma and abuse damaged me. Good for nothing now. Memory tainted, like me by pain.
    This poison then an endless,dreamless sleep. No more pain or memory.
    I sit to read one last book. My only unsullied joy. I open and begin to read.
    One woman’s pain and became a light for others.

  5. Judi Soderberg says:

    Being a bartender has its perks. I’ve had a bad week, and my mood is sour. So, the first guy who sits down and baldly asks my boobs if he can get a drink, I look him right in the eyes and say, “Depends. What’s your poison?”

  6. Joyce Egan says:

    Blinded by the explosion, Sara reached for the old bottles. One contained a cure. One contained poison. She had to make a better choice than earlier when she unwittingly took an enemy droid as her lover. The ridged glass reminded her of his rock-hard abs. Sighing, she took a sip.

  7. Kate Parker says:

    Too late.

    He left that morning without drinking his coffee. His black, bitter coffee that would hide the taste. His coffee that would have taken effect after he reached work.

    She smiled. There’s always tomorrow.

  8. Running, I stumble into a cabin. Footsteps echo behind. Frantic for a hiding place, I squeeze under a table. The door crashes open. Bottles clink.

    Boots pass by, then he is gone.

    Driven from hiding, thirsty, I grab a bottle. Reading the label after the bitter taste hits my tongue.

  9. Anastasia Mosher says:

    The wind whispers in Mona’s ears, telling a tale of betrayal—or maybe that’s the voices.

    “Poison his food,” it says.

    Mona knows it’s wrong but the jackhammer in her chest where her heart used to be echoes the sentiment. Kill him. Kill him.

  10. For twenty-five years, I’ve been faithful. I’ve been sweet—mostly. I haven’t asked for much. Yet, this is how he treats me. If I replace this bottle with his normal bourbon he won’t even notice, and it will be the last time he forgets to do the dishes.

  11. Evelyn Hawke says:

    The bottle is nearly empty, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long. One drop, one measured dose a day to build my immunity. I shake the bottle —three weeks, maybe two, then I’ll be ready to play the roulette. Four million will me mine and I can disappear.

  12. Amanda Rodgers says:

    I only had one arrow left.

    Stumbling into the narrow, darkened room, I caught the glint of light off glass. Shuffling to its source, I read the label.
    Grinning, I poured the contents on the arrow’s tip.

    Heavy boots thudded behind me.


  13. Lisa Abraham says:

    The bottles were old, but I had no doubt that the contents were still just as potent. Did I dare to touch them, despite his warnings? Despite everything he confessed to me? Did I have enough nerve to play with fate? To taunt whatever power runs this universe?

    I did.

  14. Rachel Rawlings says:

    “Be a dear and get the tonic off the shelf, Juniper.”
    Juniper dropped a rag into a bowl of water by the ailing child’s bedside and fetched the tonic for her granny. She froze when she realized the bottle’s contents weren’t used for healing.
    No, she thought to herself. Not granny.

  15. EKBATTLE says:

    It burned and screamed as it raced down her throat, scorched her stomach and poisoned her blood. But all she felt was sweet relief as the sirens wailed in the background, coming for her, to save her from herself. It would be over soon, no more TRYING to get his attention.

  16. Gwyn says:

    Not entering for the critique, but this came to mind almost immediately, so why not share?

    A woman’s weapon. Cowardly. He’d spewed his derision so often, declaring no credible assassin resorted to so plebeian a method. Well, no more. She glanced over her shoulder, smiling at the foaming spittle oozing from his slack lips. Fool. Effectiveness is what mattered. He would never again deny hers.

  17. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    She guided Orion toward the hitching post, slung her leg over the saddle and stepped lightly to the ground. After securing her ride, she brushed off her duster. Pulling down her kerchief, she headed into the saloon and took a seat at the bar.

    “Good afternoon, innkeeper.”

    “Howdy, miss…what’s your poison?”

    (Apparently I didn’t see a “timer” but am submitting anyway!:))

  18. April Mitchell says:

    Ruby stared at the empty liquor bottles ringing the campfire. She’d been there two days and they were all empty except the poison she had stashed for a certian someone. The same someone who had left her a year ago and now decided to show up again. Lucifer was back.

  19. Enjoyed reading all these. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Also, not entering. I couldn’t resist.

    Three weeks without food. Three days without water. Three minutes without air. Those were the time tables a human could survive. However, it only took three seconds without you for me to realize death alongside you was a better option than a life without you. Cheers!

  21. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    “Ditto” what Bev Peterson said:)!

  22. Elisa Beatty says:

    These are AMAZING!!!

  23. kelly says:

    i wasn’t expecting to see that as the midday sun forced and eyelid open like the creaky lid of the freezer in the garage of my ex-wife’s heart. Hungover, i rolled over and saw said ex-wife, lying next to me in a pool of bile, dead eyes staring at the ceiling. F**k.

  24. Judi Soderberg says:

    Ok, enough. I’m old, I’m tired. My kids have moved away and my husband is gone. I’m on my own, so if I want this done, I’m going to have to do it myself. None of the usual things have worked. I’m still trying, still struggling. But, that’s it! I’m through! I can’t do it anymore. I can’t sit here, stuck in my room, unable to move, unable to do anything. So, dammit, that’s it! (And as I reach for the poison…) That cockroach is going down! (Sorry, this is just too much fun to play with. Ignore this entry for any winning purposes. I know I’m not that good. I’m just having fun.)


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