Flash Fiction Friday!


Welcome back to Flash Fiction Friday.

Are you ready for the ultimate short-fiction challenge? Then roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

This week’s challenge is to write a story in 6 words.



Think it can’t be done? How about this gem that, in true larger-than-life fashion, is attributed to a bet between Ernest Hemingway and some of his writer friends in which Mr. Hemingway allegedly walked away with a fistful of dollars and a legendary tale of victory:

For Sale, Baby shoes, Never worn

Right? Even the charming Joseph Gordon Levitt is a tiny-story connoisseur and has three books to prove it.

Most tiny stories are a touch longer than six words, but not by much.

Still skeptical? Here are a few more examples pulled from across the web.

Mom taught me how to shave.

-Various authors attributed

“Wrong number,” says a familiar voice.


Torched the haystack. Found the needle.


Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.


T.H.C., L.S.D., D.U.I., C.P.R., D.O.A., R.I.P


Your turn!

I’m going easy on you today. You’re welcome. You can write your story about anything that you’d like. Life. Marriage. Death. Taxes. Your favorite sock. If you want to write a story about motor oil, you write a story about motor oil, but you have to do it in six words. Take advantage of this, because next time there will be a prompt or a required element.

Tell us your story and have fun!


54 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday!”

  1. Elisa Beatty says:

    Dropped my keys at the beach.

  2. The duke was naked yet again.

  3. I have SOOO many! Here are some that may or may not make sense. LOL

    He hung up. I hung out.

    He almost died. She almost lived.

    He called me his pookiebutt. Once.

  4. Jessica Stirrett says:

    For the first time, she lived.

    “Those ARE my monkeys”, she sighed.

    “It’ll be fun, they said. NOT.”

    And he never cried wolf again.

  5. Ooh I love these! I have so many!

    Grandma busted me out of jail.

    My defense? Wombats blew it up.

    Indiana Jones is my best friend.

    My adventure was with space platypuses.

  6. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    She dialed the phone. “Who’s this?”

    The snow was a crystalline blanket.

    They snuggled closer to the fire.

  7. nicky litton says:

    I ran, he stopped, we’re married 🙂

  8. nicky litton says:

    I lied
    She cried
    They died

  9. Helen Walton says:

    Tomorrow, I find my father…maybe.

  10. Diane Mayer says:

    He: “Love you.”
    Me: Dead silence.

  11. April Mitchell says:

    “Mommy, how’d I get to heaven?”

  12. I love reading these! I’m terrible at all things flash fiction, but absolutely love reading all this awesomeness! Keep it up, rock stars!

  13. April Mitchell says:

    It’s time to take over Hell.

  14. betty seaman says:

    Expecting true love, she still waits.

  15. Caroline Paquin says:

    I woke, turned around, slept again.

  16. Angie says:

    His breath, my touch.. were forbidden

  17. sue ellen turnbull says:

    Long dead, Jack nuzzled my hand.

  18. Lisa Abraham says:

    I have a couple too:

    Smoldering looks, pounding hearts, rollercoaster thrills.

    Parting ways tore lives in half.

    The acorn became the oak tree.

    And my personal favorite:

    Once upon a time, the end.

    And here’s one in four words:

    One lock, wrong key. 😁

  19. Jodes Duncan says:

    I have never not been crazy…

  20. Carol Heringslake says:

    If I only had a machete !

  21. April Spitzer says:

    The mountaintop descends as we prevaricate.

  22. EKBATTLE says:

    I read your challenge on my lunch break and decided it would be a fun exercise for my three fifth grade special needs students. I was shocked, I think their responses are incredible
    Their responses:

    This is my life, it’s different.

    Memories of giggles filled my heart.

    I woke up to birds singing.

  23. EKBATTLE says:

    “Surprise,” she groaned from the morgue.

    “I’ve got you,” he whispered huskily.

    It began with an empty chair. (I’ve heard this somewhere, it’s not mine but I like it).

  24. Anna Ritter-Chase says:

    I was little, they were grown…

  25. Mary fast says:

    FinalIy i am in your arms

  26. Alannah says:

    “It’s okay, I still love you.”

  27. Lynn says:

    The Things She Wishes She’d Done

  28. Andrea Cuevas says:

    Honey I won, it’s all mine!

  29. Becky says:

    Junior high.
    Forty years.
    Forever friends.

  30. randy robinson says:

    color blind people can’t see the titles in red fonts…pleeese

  31. Becky says:

    You might want to buckle up….


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