Fangirl Friday – January 8th Edition

Happy Fangirl Friday! Today we celebrate new releases, freebies and discounts.  If you know of new releases or discounts, please feel free to add them in the comments. 

Our annual writing festival starts on Monday, but today is all about READING!  And now, to the releases!

New Releases:

I’m thrilled to present two new Ruby releases this week.  SLEIGHT OF HAND by Anne Marie Becker and REMAKING RYAN by Jacie Floyd, both continue fabulous series:

AnneMarie_SleightSleight of Hand by Anne Marie Becker

Some skills never fade…

Raised by con artists, Emily Moore has done her share of manipulating others to make ends meet. She’s working hard to go legit and make up for her past, but she still knows how to spot an easy mark. And when to walk away from a bad situation. Emily learned life’s lessons the hard way, and now a tough exterior hides her one weakness—her love for the man who left her.

Some hurts never heal…

After a high profile murder, Detective Adam Wilde’s brother disappears, becoming both the Las Vegas Police Department’s primary suspect and the real killer’s target. Tanner has hardly been an upstanding citizen, but Adam believes he’s innocent. He suspects an underground group called the Redemption Club, which trades in dark deeds, is behind the murder, and it’s essential he finds his brother before the Club does. If anyone can think like his brother, Tanner’s childhood friend Emily can. But first, Adam will have to repair their friendship and make up for hurting her—even if his rejection was intended to protect them both.

Some gambles are worth the risk…

Their hearts are telling them to let go of the past, but trust has never been easy for either Emily or Adam. It’ll take a common purpose, and an undeniable passion, to reunite them. To find Tanner and defeat the head of Redemption Club, they’ll need each other—and they’ll need to come up with the con of their lives.

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Jacie_RemakingRemaking Ryan by Jacie Floyd

In Book Three of the Billionaire Brotherhood, Ryan Eastham appears to have it all—fame, fortune, and legendary good looks—but injury has ended his high-profile professional football career and he’s at loose ends. After years of living, breathing, and training for football, he’s searching for something meaningful to do with his future. He expects nothing but boredom from the on-air sports announcer job he’s been offered, and his so-called love life is more tabloid fiction than fact.

Due to the shattering betrayal of her late husband, Jenna McCall is wary of men and their meaningless promises. Isolating herself from friends and family while she reexamines her goals and dreams, her one year old daughter is her sole focus. Ryan’s unscheduled intrusion into her life leaves her irritated, edgy, and a little intrigued.

Family commitments throw this pair together as reluctant companions on a cross-country drive from Massachusetts to Missouri. Despite a wrong turn, stolen car, and fussy baby, they find unexpected pleasure in one another’s company. Amid wedding chaos and intense family drama in St. Louis, they each proceed with plans to start new careers in different parts of the country, but their attraction continues to build. When it’s time to say good-bye, Ryan challenges Jenna to remake their lives and plan a future together instead.




No new freebies to report, but still discounted until the end of January are the following novels by Kim Law:

Kim_Camera Kim_Act Kim_Sprinkles Kim_Ex
Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon


What will you be reading this weekend?

8 responses to “Fangirl Friday – January 8th Edition”

  1. hey guys… I got picked to be in an anthology, Stories in Green Ink, with authors from around the world… very excited… and loving the stories by the other authors… came out Dec 13… woo who…

  2. the end of Oct (26th) my first novel, Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) came out… so excited… hope everyone else is enjoying there wordage…

  3. WOOT!!! Congrats on the releases!

  4. Happy book birthday Anne Marie & Jacie!

  5. […] Also four of Kim Law’s books are still discounted through the end of the month (see last week’s post). […]

  6. maria hardin says:

    Hey … for less than a dollar your first Tinder dating app experience, LOL.


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