Fangirl Friday – January 29th Edition

Happy Fangirl Friday!  I hope you’re still WILDLY productive in the writing sprints and stacking up lots of words (or edited pages).  When you need a break and are ready for some reading time, we’re here for you and so are some of our Rubies with new releases this week.  (As always, feel free to share your own book news in the comments but please be courteous and do not repeatedly re-post the same material.  Thank you!)  And now… to the BOOKS!

New Releases:

Bemis_MarriageLights. Camera. Marriage! by Elizabeth Bemis

After two serious relationships end short of the altar, Sophie Redmond decides to put love in fate’s hands and signs up for a Reality TV Show called Lights. Camera. Marriage! On the show, twenty men compete for the attentions of one woman, and America at large votes off the cast members until the last man standing is contractually obligated to marry her and live with her in front of the cameras for the rest of the season.

Former Navy Petty Officer and current Best-Selling Spy Novelist, Jay Sinclair is looking for nothing more than to finish his current book and spend the next year traveling. It’s a trip he’s put off before, but not again! That is, until his brother, Patrick, a Lights. Camera. Marriage! assistant producer, begs him to take the place of a last minute cancellation with the idea that Jay should act badly to get kicked off the show. When the viewing audience sees through Jay’s act and leaves him the last man standing, can Jay and Sophie make their make their marriage work after the lights and cameras are gone?

Liz’s Website :: Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: iBooks


Shelley_RoughDayRough Day by Shelley Coriell

From critically acclaimed suspense and thriller author Shelley Coriell comes a brand new mystery series! Meet Detective Lottie King, a hard-driving homicide investigator with a soft spot for peach pie and her seven grandchildren.

ROUGH DAY (Detective Lottie King Mystery Short Stories, Vol. 1) — Lottie King has the best job in the world: catching killers. But after a series of murder investigations leave her bruised and brokenhearted, is it finally time for this legendary homicide detective to retire? Features four mystery short stories and Lottie-inspired recipes.

Rough Day — Colorado Springs homicide detective Lottie King investigates the murder of a long-time friend and founder of a domestic violence shelter and finds herself frantically hunting down someone besides her friend’s killer.

Locked Room — Determined to spend more time with the grands, homicide detective Lottie King volunteers with her granddaughter’s Girl Power troop and teaches the girls how to solve the perfect murder, a homicide in a locked room where the killer had no plausible way out.

Old Flame — The twelve-year-old grandson of an old high school crush hires Detective Lottie King to find out what happened to his grandfather who is missing and probably dead, but no one believes him.

Smooth Sailing — On the eve of her retirement, Detective Lottie King investigates one last case for Colorado Springs Police, an accidental drowning that turns out to be murder. But all is not smooth sailing…with the investigation or Lottie’s retirement.



Pre-Order Available:

Heather McCollum is pleased to announce the Amazon pre-order for her upcoming release:

Heather_SacrificeSACRIFICE: Book 5 of The Dragonfly Chronicles – Coming March 30th

Raised by twelve demons and one dark wizard, Drustan MacDruce is cursed with the power to kill all living creatures with his touch. A soon-to-be Lord of the New World, Drustan lives in self-imposed isolation in the Highlands of Scotland. Urged by his demon family to rule the temporal web, his greatest wish is to change his past and remake his life. 

Anna Pemberlin, a no-nonsense Victorian-era doctor from London, is the only person immune to Drustan’s magic. Visiting the Highlands, Anna is sucked into in a world of magic, where a darkly sexy man is the only thing standing between her and a group of demons. When Drustan calls her his queen in his plans to take over the temporal world, Anna fights her fate and her attraction to him. She must convince Drustan that love is the only thing strong enough to break the curse of his past.

Sacrifice Pre-Order on Amazon



No new discounts and freebies to report, but four of Kim Law’s books are still discounted through the end of the month (see previous post for links) and there are still lots of perma-FREE books by the Rubies if you’re looking to load up your Kindle.  Here’s a sampling:

Marrying Mister Perfect by Lizzie Shane – Contemporary Romance (novel)

Touch Me by Tamara Hogan – Paranormal Romance (novella)

No Holding Back by Rita Henuber – Erotic Romance/Action (novella)

Don’t Break My Heart by Laurie Kellogg – Contemporary Romance (novel)

Bring Me the Horizon by Jennifer Bray-Weber – Historical Romance (novella)


What are you reading this week?

5 responses to “Fangirl Friday – January 29th Edition”

  1. Happy book birthday Liz, Shelley, & Heather!

  2. These look great!! (And Shelley, how fabulous to see the new series!)

    Good luck to all of you!

  3. Happy book birthday ladies!

    I’m currently reading Caroline Bradley’s Tall Shadows – and loving it. Grabbed a couple new Ruby books, too.

    Someday I’ll get around to reading everything on my Kindle, right?

  4. Congrats on the new releases and thanks for the reminder of the sales. What a lovely selection of books.


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