Fangirl Friday – Happy 2016 Edition!

NewYear-GraphicHappy New Year!  I hope 2016 brings you happiness and good fortune.  Here at the Ruby site we’ll be starting our annual Winter Writing Festival soon (and I couldn’t be more excited!), but in the mean time get your goals ready and take a peek at the new releases from the Rubies this week. 

As always on Fangirl Friday – please feel free to share your own new releases, discounts and freebies in the comments section (we only ask that you do not repost the same book repeatedly).  And now… to the releases!

New (Re-)Release

This week Ruby Heather McCollum is proud to announce the re-release of the fully revamped version of her young adult novel, Siren’s Song.  Congrats, Heather!

Heather_SirensSiren’s Song by Heather McCollum

Jule Welsh can sing. She enthralls people with her bel canto voice. But it takes more than practice to reach her level of exquisite song; it takes siren’s blood running through her veins.

Jule is starting her senior year at Cougar Creek High when her relatively normal world begins to resemble a roller coaster flying through a carnival scare house. Her mother is diagnosed as insane and committed, a psycho-stalker is snapping pictures of her to put into his homemade Jule-shrine, her voice is suddenly putting people into comatose trances, oh and the gorgeous new guy in town, Luke Whitmore, is interested in her . . . but also wants to kill her.   

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Lindsey_OnlyVegasThis week don’t miss Only in Vegas by Lindsey Brookes – FREE for Kindle through tomorrow! 

Being Italian and being sexy is supposed to go hand in hand, but somewhere along the line twenty-six-year-old Angelina Rossi’s genes forgot their Italian love goddess heritage. And now everyone at her work knows what a failure she is as a woman thanks to her ex-boyfriend and co-worker at Sunset Travel who has given Angie the nickname of ‘Ice Princess’, claiming no man will ever thaw her. 

Thirty-year-old business executive Trey Landers isn’t surprised by much his best friend and neighbor, Angelina Rossi, throws his way. But this time she throws him one hell of a curve ball. She not only wants him to accompany her on a business trip to Las Vegas, pretending to be her lover in front of her ex-boyfriend, she wants Trey to give her pointers on what it takes to seduce a man. 

A man of his word, Trey’s fevered kisses in front of her ex has the ass regretting his decision to break up with Angie. Not that she’d ever consider going back to Rick. Especially after discovering true passion in Trey’s arms. With that passion comes the realization they’re no longer pretending as the lines of their longstanding friendship and newfound love begin to blur. If only what happened didn’t have to stay in Vegas. 

Or does it? 


Also discounted this week (and all this month!) are four fabulous contemporary romances by Kim Law. Get them for a screaming deal of only $1.99!

Kim_Camera Kim_Act Kim_Sprinkles Kim_Ex
Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

2 responses to “Fangirl Friday – Happy 2016 Edition!”

  1. Laurie Kellogg says:

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s nice to start the coming year with such great deals!

  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading a lot in 2016!! 😀


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