Fan Girl Friday – June 5

It’s that time again, Fan Girl Friday where we talk about books! I am your June Hostess, Elizabeth Bemis! And I’m thrilled to report that I’m headed out shortly to join other Ruby favorites, Darynda Jones, Autumn Jordon, Jacie Floyd and Rita Henuber at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together.  (#RAGT2015) It was great catching up with these girls Wednesday night and I can’t wait to see them at the get together today!

Ruby New Release

L.L. Kellogg releases SIN CITY SEDUCTION at Amazon

Sin City Seduction Digital CoverJilted architect, Josh Powell, may have sworn off love, but he’s still a virile man. When he recognizes a sexy woman from a Vegas adult entertainment ad, he wonders if a night with an attentive call girl might be the perfect remedy for his deflated ego and raging libido.

Eager to be married to her ultra-righteous fiancé and finally consummate their love, Allison Miller is stranded without a dime in Sin City. When a hunky stranger mistakes her for a hooker, she eventually convinces him she’s still a full-fledged virgin and not the woman in the pornographic ad. Nevertheless, after Josh’s kiss ignites her passion, Allison questions her feelings for the fiancé who abandoned her. Desperate for cash, she reluctantly accepts a job as Josh’s temporary assistant. All goes well until someone slips a new street drug into her drink. Suddenly, doing it is all she can think about.

Buy it now!

Ruby Books Discounted or Free in the Coming Week

Bev Petterson’s book, Fillies and Females, will be free Friday, June 6!


Meek and mild Becky Foster craves love and security and carves out her own home as companion-nurse to an aging Texas matriarch with more opinions than horses. Bruised from years of neglectful foster care, Becky is intimidated and awed by handsome, swaggering men, and no one leaves her more tongue-tied than the charismatic horse trainer she oversees.

Dino Anders charms every horse and woman in sight, and has a reputation for turning green fillies into winners. Yet even as Becky sheds her mousey layers, sinister elements creep into the stable, and Dino and Becky must join forces to save the horses, their employer, their lives.


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Did you have a new release this week? A book on sale in the coming week? Have you read something that blew your mind? Sound off in the comments! We want to hear from you! We only ask that you are courteous to other commenters and that authors do not post the same book more than once. Thank you!

17 responses to “Fan Girl Friday – June 5”

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Congrats on your latest release, Laurie! May you have much success. And Bev…may you have loads of downloads. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jenn and Liz. Your book sounds fun, Laurie. Great to read on the plane! Lots of people travelling this weekend.

  3. Congrats on the release, Laurie! Your book sounds like fantastic fun!

    And Bev, your book sounds awesome too. Best of luck with the free Friday. Ummm…today is June 5th. Is it free today or June 6th? : )

  4. Free both days, in celebration of the Belmont tomorrow!

    • elise hayes says:

      Ohh, fun! Will you be rooting for American Pharoah? Or do you have another favorite for the Belmont?

  5. Congrats on the new release, Laurie and the sale, Bev!!

    And have a lot of fun, Liz, at RAGT – sounds like a blast!

  6. Hi, Liz! Thanks for letting me mention LET’S DO IT, my new release.

    When Ethan Harper helps stranded motorist Reeve Banks on the road to Journey’s End, she steals his heart. As for falling in love, Edward says…LET’S DO IT.

  7. Alexa Bond says:

    Two men are better than one! Looking for a sexy menage this weekend? How about two?

    Two for One launched this week and is on sale for 0.99

  8. Your new book sounds great, Laurie!

    My JUST RIGHT is part of a Turquoise Morning Press boxed set that came out last week (but I forgot to mention it last Friday. You get six modern fairytales for only 99 cents!

  9. Survive…at all costs.

    Sometimes We Ran 3: Rescue


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