Chasing Puberty by

Growing up is never easy, but what’s a girl to do when she’s starting her freshman year of high school and puberty’s left her behind? She stuffs her bra, of course!

Fourteen-year-old Logan Stanley never thought she’d be entering high school with the body of a middle schooler. Not when all her friends have real curves. How is she ever going to catch the eye of eleventh grader Brad Johnson, Middleburg High School’s star quarterback, and her forever crush, looking the way she does?

If she has any hope of at all of getting Brad’s attention, Logan knows she’ll have to become an ‘It’ girl. The kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with and all the guys drool over. Like her older sister, Nicole.

Unfortunately for Logan, the climb up the social status ladder is a lot further up than she’d imagined. Everything seems to be going wrong, including her older sister, Nicole, stealing her boyfriend. At least, the guy she’d hoped would be her first real boyfriend. But Logan isn’t giving Brad up to her sister without a fight.
She proves to Nicole that she can fight every bit as dirty as her sister when it comes to getting what she wants. But is having Brad as a boyfriend really what she wants? Or is there someone better?

Join Logan on her journey as she discovers that life doesn’t always go as planned. And that being a true ‘It’ girl is only a state of mind. You just have to believe!