Blowing Jack’s Cover by

Jack Redmond is an ultra-alpha DEA agent who’s forced to abandon his testosterone-pickled ways, in order to go undercover as a gay bartender to expose a mob-led drug ring. His cover story becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain, however, when he meets the Corvus Group’s Manager, Marissa Vallatigno.

After years of stifling over-protectiveness by her family, Marissa owes everything to her uncle Nikola, who has given her the opportunity of a lifetime – managing his multi-million dollar Bar & Restaurant empire. Nothing – not her three interfering older brothers and definitely not a gorgeous, sexy bartender with questionable sexual orientation – is going to cause her to let her uncle down.

Jack knows that undercover work and relationships don’t mix. After all, he’s got the divorce to prove it. These days, he prefers spending time in the company of women who aren’t expecting anything from him but a good time. And good-girl Marissa wouldn’t fall into that category even if she didn’t think he was… gay.

But when Marissa discovers that he’s indeed straight as an arrow, and intent on bringing down her beloved (and innocent) Uncle Nikola, she puts together a deviously distracting plan that will have the tough guy agent begging for mercy – and eventually, winning her heart.