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A Tale of Three Covers: An Exposé by Nikki Navarre

It started with a plot. Innocent historical romance author Laura Navarre never dreamed it was coming…until it hit. Laura’s diabolical twin, double agent and spy romance author Nikki Navarre (that’s me), surged to global notoriety when the book I wrote purely for my own pleasure ended up not only published by a boutique press, but […]

Ruby Debut: An Affair of Vengeance

REVIEW BY DOUBLE AGENT NIKKI NAVARRE DECLASSIFIED SUBJECT: Award-winning debut novel An Affair of Vengeance by Jamie Michele. SUMMARY: In this sleek, sexy romantic suspense, glamorously set in the South of France, CIA agent Evangeline Quill goes deep undercover as a barmaid in posh nightclub Le Banque, where her mission is to uncover the Mafia don running guns […]

My Life as a Star: Shooting Your Own Book Cover

Like many writers, I’ve had my share of disappointments along the road to becoming a pubbed author. In my case, I gritted my teeth and kept going through 6 years, 4 novels, numerous “revise and resubmit” requests, and 63 outright rejections before my debut novel—a dark Tudor romance called THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS—was accepted by Samhain […]