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Vivi Andrews was born and raised in Alaska, and still lives in the Last Frontier when she isn’t bouncing around the globe. A life-long travel addict, she's lived in nine cities—on two continents and one tropical island—while pursuing her dream of writing romance professionally.

Vivi has been published in paranormal romance since 2009 and has over twenty paranormal novels and novellas currently available. In 2015 she launched her new contemporary romance pen name, Lizzie Shane, and has since added a dozen contemporary titles to her body of work. She has been honored to have three of her books final for the RITA(R) Award for Best Contemporary Romance.

Vivi is currently hard at work on her next happily-ever-after. For more about her books or the life of a nomadic romance author, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and at her respective websites: and

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Anchorage, Alaska


GH Year(s)

Completed Manuscript(s)

Contemporary & Paranormal Romance

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Day Job:
Writing full time (since 2009)

For Fun:
READING. Travel, swimming, watching movies, dancing, hiking, skiing, and a hopeless addiction to Reality Television.

Blog Posts from Vivi

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