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Tina Joyce Beckett is the product of a Navy upbringing. Always on the move, her travels eventually took her overseas, where English reading material was scarce. Desperate, she started writing her own stories fashioned after the romance novels she’d loved through the years. She finished that first book and moved on to the next. After the tenth story, she realized there was no going back...she was officially a writer. Today, Tina divides her time between Brazil and the United States and loves to use exotic locales as the backdrop for many of her stories. Her tenth book written for Harlequin Medical Romance: Her Hard to Resist Husband will be available in January 2014

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Ruby Secrets

Orange Park, Florida


GH Year(s)
2009, 2010

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series contemporary, Single Title romantic suspense

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For Fun:
I’ve taken barrel racing lessons in Brazil…in Portuguese! Hobbies that are a bit tamer: stained glass, crafts, gardening

Blog Posts from Tina Joyce

What Kind of Pumpkin are You?

Today is still Free-for All Friday, but since it’s also Halloween this weekend, I decided to roll both things into one post (and Halloween is a pretty cool holiday in my book). So, I’m interested in knowing what kind of pumpkin carving you do, and whether or not that pumpkin ends up being a reflection […]

Pointillism in Writing: Connecting the Dots

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit The National Gallery in London, and while wandering the halls admiring the various paintings, one by Paul Signac caught my eye. The piece, comprised of dots of color, fascinated me. I moved closer and studied it, and then backed away, amazed at how my eye could […]

Hula Hoops and Writing: Momentum is Everything

A few months ago, I bought a hula hoop. Not for exercise purposes (although I sure could use some), but because my daughter, in all her 16 years, had never tried one. Not once. And what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of her at […]

Free-For-All Friday

Well, the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood is at it again. We’re here to answer your deepest, darkest questions…well, okay, maybe not the deepest, darkest ones.  But anything to do with writing is fair game. As I was preparing for this blog, I realized I’ve been doing a lot of procrastinating lately. Why? Because I’ve hit that […]

The Golden Heart: Finding Your Niche

You’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark, you’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light. Most of us recognize these lyrics from the Wizard of Oz. Did you know the soundtrack simply refers to the song as Optimistic Voices? Well, that was me. I’d envisioned finaling in […]

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