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I first began writing romance as an escape while studying to become a lawyer.  I started law school with good intentions, but felt uninspired by much of the substance of a standard legal education.  As a result, I spent far too much of my time at law school staring out the window thinking about other things.  By the time graduation rolled around, I knew that the law was not for me.  So, four days before I was scheduled to take the bar exam, I jumped ship.  Since then, I have written four novels, and toyed with two others, one of which I am actively working on now. I am a two-time Golden Heart® finalist (2009 & 2012) in single-title romantic suspense, and seem always to gravitate toward the dark side of a love story.

Before completing my law degree, I earned a bachelor’s degree in literature and foreign languages, and am grateful to be able to draw on that training now as a writer of fiction.  I live just outside of Washington, D.C. with my husband Jesse, and spend my free time playing the violin, knitting, and daydreaming without apology every single day.

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GH Year(s)
2009 (Trust Fall), 2012 (In Wolf’s Clothing)

Completed Manuscript(s)
Innocent (historical), Trust Fall (romantic suspense), In Wolf’s Clothing (romantic suspense), The Fallen Kind (romantic women’s fiction)

Romantic Suspense, Romantic Women’s Fiction

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