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A former English teacher and Colorado native, L.A. is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and Wild Rose Press author. She has served on the board of the Magnolia State Romance Writers as President and the North Texas Romance Writers of America as Membership Secretary. Her stories encompass her fascination with time theory, conspiracies and the quest for a happily ever after in dimensions that can sometimes seem worlds apart.

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Ruby Nickname:
Time Traveler Ruby

Denver, Colorado

GH Year(s)
2007, 2009

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fantasy/sci-fi romance/mainstream

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Holding Out: Why the GH is One Factor in My Decision Not to E-Publish

I’ve been on my road to writing’s Emerald City for a decade now.  Every so often I’m presented with a tantalizing morsel of temptation: publication.  But wait, you say.  Isn’t that your goal?  Not so fast.