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Laurie Kellogg is a 2X winner of Romance Writers of America®'s Golden Heart® award, winner of Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s ZOLA award (2004), and an Romantic Times American Title I finalist. Her contemporary love stories are steamy, heartwarming, romantic fun!

In addition to Laurie’s membership in the national organization Romance Writers of America®, she also belongs to local RWA chapters, Bucks County Romance Writers and New Jersey Romance Writers as well as RWA’s special interest chapter, The Golden Network.

In her free time, Laurie enjoys cooking, movies, crafts, and reading on her treadmill. Well, maybe she doesn't enjoy the treadmill that much, but it's a necessary evil to fight her never-ending battle of the bulge. She despises housework and has resorted to naming the dust-bunnies that multiply as fast as real rabbits while she writes.

If you'd like to know more about Laurie please visit her website at or email her at

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Laurie's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Queen of Snark

Bucks County, PA

Too old

GH Year(s)
2X in ’04 (won 1), ’06 (won), ’07, ’09, ’10, ’11

Completed Manuscript(s)
Over 15–lost count. I consider only about half to be publishable

Contemporary romance / Heartwarming, Romantic Fun!

Started Writing:

Day Job:
I work part-time as a crossing guard to support my writing addiction

For Fun:
I believe in living life to the fullest and plan to slide through the pearly gates shouting, “Yee-haw! Now, where’s the big guy? We need to discuss the calories in chocolate and potato chips.”

Blog Posts from Laurie

The Great CP Search (Reprisal from April 2017)

If you’ve been a Ruby blog follower for a long time, you may recall my March 10th, 2011 article on critique partners — AKA cattle prods.   If you didn’t  read it, you might want to now as it’s relevant to this post. During the RWA national conference we heard from many writers looking for a CP.  I won’t […]

The Great CP Search Is On! (Reprisal from 2011)

It’s not too late to post your CP profile, which can be added until late Friday night.  If you’ve been a Ruby blog follower for a long time, you may recall my March 10th, 2011 article on critique partners — AKA cattle prods.   If you didn’t  read it, you might want to now as it’s relevant to […]

Nostalgic Romance

Nostalgic Romance is my own personal term for any blast-from-the-past romance novel set between 1950 and present day. (Romance Writers of America® now considers 1950 as the cutoff date for differentiating between historical and contemporary novels). Sorry, RWA®, there isn’t much contemporary about a book set in the 60s or 70s when personal computers, the, […]

What’s In Your Bookmarks?

A credit card might be What’s in Your Wallet, however, that’s not what I’m interested in today. This inquiring mind would like to know What’s in Your Bookmarks Manager and how do you keep it organized? Here’s the deal of the day—I’ll show you some of mine, if you’ll share some of yours. 😆   Like […]

Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to real estate prices, it’s all about location, location, location. But in your novel location becomes all about details, details, details and which ones you choose to focus on. Can your readers imagine the locale of your story, smell the flowers, or hear the birds chirping? As many of you know, my […]

Boxing for Our Servicemen

If you’ve shopped at Amazon lately, you can’t have helped but notice the host of multi-author boxed sets for sale­­—many for only 99 cents. I’ve watched a lot of these bundles hit major bestseller lists. So when Chris Keniston, one of my GH sisters from 2010, invited me to take part in a promotional 99-cent […]


When I realized my birthday is tomorrow and I’ll be hitting another decade milestone in another year, my first reaction was, “That’s it—I’m not having any more birthdays after this one!” Then it dawned on me that the only way to avoid getting older is . . . well, you know. Death is not an […]

None of Us Are Immortal

I’m basically an organized person, mostly because I despise clutter. Ask me where something is, and I can tell you what drawer to look in. Although, I don’t recommend opening any of my drawers because the interiors are far from neat. I have what I call my JUNK drawer in the kitchen where I keep […]

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