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Drop a nine year old southern girl, who loves to tell stories, into a small English village for three years and you might just come up with a Regency romance writer. That young girl (well- traveled Air Force brat) and her adult alter ego Louisa Cornell (refined storyteller of passionate tales of nineteenth century love) grew up all over the United States. Her childhood years in England gave her an undying love for all things British and a surprise career in music as the result of a school talent show.

With degrees in opera performance from Judson College and the University of Southern Mississippi she was fortunate enough to be accepted to study at the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Her studies there led to a career as a coloratura soprano in German and Austrian opera houses as well as other performances in several Eastern European venues.

She retired from opera and returned to the States and her college sweetheart husband. After his untimely death, she worked at a wide variety of jobs – including high school teacher, college professor, veterinary technician, funeral home coordinator and bakery manager.
Writing called her name again, and she hasn’t looked back since. Singing some of the most romantic roles in opera has inspired her to write passionate, lyrical romance of her own. And unlike most of those opera divas, her heroine always gets her man AND her happily ever after!

Louisa lives in the wilds of LA (Lower Alabama) on five acres in the middle of nowhere with a menagerie of rescued dogs and cats. Her current hero is a twelve pound Chihuahua who has been banned from six veterinary clinics for his horrible disposition!

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Louisa's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Regency Ruby

Wetumpka, Alabama


GH Year(s)

Completed Manuscript(s)

Regency/Gothic Historical Romance

Started Writing:
When I was 9, but really started pursuing historical romance writing career three years ago.

Day Job:
Bakery Manager at Wal-Mart

For Fun:
Learning foreign languages, quilting, animal rescue

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I really love the scene at the beginning of the movie Coming to America when Prince Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) is awakened by an orchestra playing soft music. A servant with a quiet voice says his name. The sounds of nature join the orchestra. Young ladies toss rose petals before him as he walks. […]

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The British are well known for their stoicism in the face of adversity. That’s what they called German bombs dropping all hours of the night whilst they huddled in bomb shelters or in their cellars and hoped for the best – adversity. When we were stationed there in the late sixties (I was a child. […]

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