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Kate has found historical romance fits her to a tee, since she discovered romance in an era most consider historical these days. A lifelong reader, she began writing when her three children were grown and no longer dragging her away from the typewriter every thirty seconds. Now she writes on a computer, which is faster, except when her very own historical hero calls.

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Back of beyond, NC

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too numerous to count

romantic historical mystery

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retired, thank you, Lord

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boating, swimming

Blog Posts from Kate

Taglines, part two

Last month at Wordsmith Wednesday – Taglines and Blurbs, we worked on our 30 word tagline. Today, we’re going to work on cutting that in half. Brutal, you say? Perhaps, but next month for this Wordsmith Wednesday we’ll talk about another possible use for it. And after that, you can thank me for the misery […]

Taglines, part 1

The second Tuesday of the month at the Rubyslipperedsisterhood blog will be about taglines and blurbs. We’re going to start off with a two month practice on taglines, so save what you do for our second half on October 8. Taglines are those little descriptions that you see in the TV section of the paper […]

Christmas Revels 5 duo…

Where Kate and Louisa spill the inside scoop on an anthology Kate: Well, Louisa, we’ve launched the fifth Christmas Revels anthology. For those who don’t know, these are unrelated Regency romance novellas taking place at Christmastime where it is always snowy and happily-ever-afters are assured. Louisa: The fifth! And they said it wouldn’t last. Groups […]

300 words a day

If your summer has been like mine, finding time to write is difficult. Schedules are in a shambles. Any time you do find, after spending the day breaking up childhood squabbles and entertaining visiting relatives, is not when you normally write. I don’t know about you, but I’m grouchy if I don’t get to spend […]

What I learned from the trash truck

For twelve years, every Monday night I’ve taken the trash can out to the curb for early Tuesday pickup. You’d think by now taking the trash out on Monday night would be imbedded in my DNA. Nope, last Monday night I didn’t take out the trash or pick up the mail. No reason for it, […]

Winter Writing Festival Week 5 check in

And it’s Valentine’s Day! And it’s Ash Wednesday! First order of business. Do NOT give up chocolate for Lent this year. Not with all that wonderful Valentine’s Day chocolate out there waiting for us. And do NOT give up writing for Lent. If you’re a writer in your DNA and your marrow, you can’t give […]

When Life gives you Lemons

Throw them back overhand and with force. We all have those lemons in our life that keep us from writing to our maximum potential. Producing to our maximum potential. Having the career we want. Most often, we think the things holding us back are family. Children, parents, spouses, pets. May I say emphatically they are […]

Challenging POV

There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to point of view. There is first person, often used in young adult and mysteries, and often either loved or hated by readers. There is third person, often used in romance. This is the basis for deep third person POV, which has been particularly popular for […]

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