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June Love grew up in a small, rural community located in the Delta region of Mississippi. Surrounded by flat land and cotton, she entertained herself by making up stories.

She brought the world of make believe with her into her adult world where she writes character driven contemporary stories. Most of her stories revolve around modern, independent Southern women and the strong, stubborn men who are determined to win their hearts.

She lives with her husband and her rescued miniature schnauzer, Molly, who has reinforced June’s belief that miracles do happen and love does conquer all.

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Southern Ruby

Drew, MS

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Reading, Spending time with family and friends, Traveling

Blog Posts from June

Getting Back on the Writing Horse or A true account of a writer/non-writer/writer

Do you remember the first time you sat down with your hands poised over the keyboard ready to write the Great American Novel? The characters were talking to you, the plot was strong, and the words flowed. A wide range of emotions came from both you and your characters. In order to get those words […]

I Got Nothing…

Which is exactly what I had when I volunteered to post today. When I began typing this, I still had nothing. Oh, I could ramble. I’m very good at rambling. I can ramble with the best of them. I can ramble about rambling. See what I’m doing here? Then, I had a thought. Why don’t I […]

November: A Writer’s Take for Giving Thanks

Because the American holiday falls in November, I’ve noticed that we tend to focus more on our blessings during this time. I’ve seen it on Facebook when friends will take each day in November and list something for which they are grateful. List toppers are usually their faith, their families, their health, etc. I’m not […]

The Confessions of a Non-writing Writer

Several weeks ago, I attended my 40th high school reunion. My high school was located in a small rural farming community in northwest Mississippi, and my graduating class was small. Because of our small number, you would think it would be easier to get us together through the years, but we’d not had a reunion […]


Several weeks ago, I signed up to post today and my blog topic was TAKING IT TO HEART. I’ve been struggling with this topic ever since. I had an idea of what I wanted to convey, but the words just wouldn’t come. I wrote, revised, and rewrote. I tried taking different directions with it, and […]

Early, On Time, or Late?

After a recent comment my husband made, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. His comment, “You’re getting better about not running late.” It had almost become a joke at our house that he’d build in extra time to allow me to be ready “on time”. Only, that didn’t always work because I knew […]

Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother was a remarkable woman. I’m not just saying that because she was my mother, but because she really was an amazing woman. I’m so thankful to her for all the things she did for me and for my sisters, but more importantly, I’m grateful for the example she set for us. My mother […]

Winter Writing Festival: Check-In #3

Hellooooo Winter Writing Festival Particpants! Do you know what’s even better than TGIF? WWFC!  That’s right. Winter Writing Festival Check-in Day! Remember, you must check-in every Friday to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the WWF. It’s the day we get to ‘fess up. The day to spill our guts. The day […]

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