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Born and raised in the great state of Texas just outside of Houston, I grew up with wide open spaces and free reign to express myself. Always a “good girl”, I had a penchant for trouble. With that comes plenty of entertaining tales and a brassy attitude.

After high school. I received a degree in Music & Video Business. Locally, I managed rock bands, booked clubs, wrote reviews for a music rag, ran lights and video for a cable show, and worked promotions for various organizations. Meantime, I carried on a real (i.e. “paying”) job. I gave my lifeblood in the aftermarket car industry for 10 years conducting every aspect of customer service and logistics known to man.

A husband, daughter, 3 cats and 2 tattoos later, I went back to school – a career student, of sorts, earning another degree. Somewhere in my pursuit of a Masters in history, I took a creative writing course. It was a thrill to write and share my stories, which often were darker than a cemetery at midnight. My professor suggested I pursue writing a novel. I don’t imagine he meant for me to quit school, but I did just that.

I seriously began writing in January 2007, finishing my first manuscript 7 months later titled UPON A MOONLIT SEA. After editing, revising and hitting the contest circuit, MOONLIT has enjoyed success in several RWA contests, including the 2009 Golden Heart. Currently, I'm writing a series of swashbuckling adventures complete with Alpha heros, spunky heroines, unscrupulous villians, high seas action and wicked fun.

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Jennifer's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Wench

Spring, Texas


GH Year(s)

Completed Manuscript(s)
Upon A Moonlit Sea (renamed Blood and Treasure); A Kiss in the Wind; The Bruised Sky (renamed The Siren’s Song)

Historical, Paranormal

Started Writing:
January 2007

Day Job:
Freelance Editor; Domestic Goddess

Blog Posts from Jennifer

Metadata Basics

Metadata. Ah, the less glamorous part of publishing. What exactly is metadata and why should you care? A quick Google search shows many sites and articles referring to metadata as, well, data on data. Huh? My eyes have already glazed over. Have yours? In effort to avoid nodding off or losing anyone, I’ll just go […]

Batten Down the Hatches for a Ruby Release – Mutiny of the Heart

In honor of my latest pirate adventure MUTINY OF THE HEART which was released last week, I thought I’d talk sailor shop, literally. Did you know that many of the idioms and words we speak today are of nautical origin? Granted, some of these phrases are disputable among etymologists, but their seafaring origins are plausible. […]

Nuggets to Successful EBook Publishing

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Northwest Houston RWA, my local Romance Writers of America chapter. The speaker, Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. Now this is not the first time I’ve met Mark, nor the first time I’ve listened to him speak. But I couldn’t wait to hear him talk […]

Pinterest and You

I’m a visual person. I learn, imagine, and write visually. So it might come as no surprise that I love to whittle away time on Pinterest. Of course that might just be an oxymoron, as I don’t have much time to whittle. The images and photography I have seen on Pinterest are amazing, breath-taking, heart-wrenching, […]

Triberr – A Quick Guide

So what is this Triberr people keep talking about? How does it work, and, more importantly, do I have to dress in animal pelts and coif my hair with chicken bones if I join? Let’s break down Triberr into easy digestible chunks, shall we. First, what exactly is Triberr? In short, Triberr is a reach […]

Meet 2012 Golden Heart Finalist Jan Nash

Today, as a part of our ongoing series introducing 2012 Golden Heart nominees, I’m excited to present to you Jan Nash, nominated in the Inspirational category. Jan is an amazing lady with an unwavering optimistic personality. I couldn’t be more honored to interview her. Without further ado, meet Jan Nash. Q. Tell us a little […]

Ruby Release – The Siren’s Song by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Pirates are a despicable lot known for pillaging and plundering, causing fear with their approach and leaving destruction in their wake. Theirs was a life of taking and giving nothing in return. Not to mention the drinking, wenching, and gluttony galore. Some might find it difficult to carve a hero out of someone so wretched. […]

Pardon My French

Oh, #%*$!! Oop! Did I say that out loud? Pardon my French! Pardon my French. Where do you suppose that idiom came from? Really, what does it mean? Under most circumstances, the expression is an apology for when the speaker curses or says something vulgar that might offend people in present company. But isn’t French […]

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