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Hope Ramsay was born in New York and grew up on Long Island, but every summer Momma would pack her off under the care of Aunt Aunt Annie to go visiting with relatives in the midlands of South Carolina. Her extended family includes its share of colorful aunts and uncles, as well as cousins by the dozens, who provide the fodder for the characters you'll find in Last Chance, South Carolina. She is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and is married to a good ol' Georgia boy who resembles every single one of her heroes. She has two grown children and a couple of demanding lap cats. She lives in Virginia where you can often find her on the back deck, picking on her thirty-five-year-old Martin guitar.

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Great Neck, NY


GH Year(s)
2009 & 2010

Completed Manuscript(s)
Too many to count

Romance and Fantasy

Started Writing:
In 2nd Grade

Day Job:
Consultant & Author

Blog Posts from Hope

Plotting with your Characters

I don’t know about you, but I find plotting to be the most difficult thing about writing fiction. But now that I write for a living, I’m required to submit a synopsis and/or detailed outline to my publisher well before I ever start a book.  And since my publisher pays me to do this, I […]

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This scenario should sound familiar.  You’re at a cocktail party with a group of people who are not your closest friends, and someone asks you what you do for a living.  You decide to say “author,” because your day-job is something boring like bookkeeping.  Saying author gets a much more positive response. When I tell […]

Ruby Release: Last Chance Knit & Stitch by Hope Ramsay

In celebration of the release date of Last Chance Knit & Stitch, I asked Ricki Wilson, a long time resident of Last Chance, South Carolina, and the day shift waitress at the Kountry Kitchen Café, to join me on the blog today.  Ricki knows more about what’s going on in Last Chance than just about […]

The Last Chance Charity Knit Along

The best thing about being a published author is having readers. This is an obvious statement.  But my appreciation for readers goes way beyond the fact that they consume the stories I write.  The truth is, I’ve gotten to know a few of my readers pretty well, and I’ve found that readers give back a […]

Guest Author: Abigail Sharpe

I am so happy to be hosting my friend and fellow Unsinkable and Forever Romance author, Abigail Sharpe today. Her debut novel, Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?  is out this week.  And since I have a real weakness for cowboys I can’t wait to read it. Abigail is blogging today about a subject I struggle […]

It’s All About the Story

In a few weeks I’m going to be attending my local chapter’s annual writer’s retreat.  This isn’t exactly a quiet weekend in the woods where writers concentrate on writing.  It’s more like a two-day sleepover punctuated by writing workshops and periods of heavy drinking in the bar.  It’s great fun.  And I usually learn something. […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice was published exactly two-hundred years ago . . . today.  Which means the book is not historical fiction, at least not when Jane Austen wrote it.  It was, in fact, a “contemporary” romance. I love to point this out to my historical author friends.  Jane Austen didn’t have to do any historical […]

Using Scrivener for Plotting

I am a plotter, not a pantser.  I would no more think about starting a book without a plan for it, than I would leave my house on a long trip without my GPS.  I’ve been a plotter for a long time, and it used to be that I kept all my notes, GMC charts, […]

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