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An unapologetic Shoe Slut with a penchant for red, Gwynlyn is married with three grown children, a precious granddaughter, three handsome grandsons, a bratty husky and one equally rotten cat, and despite it all, is still, after 44 years, living her own HEA with her beloved Hubble. She writes historical romance, with a touch of fantasy, set in the medieval period, but also has a love of science fiction. The first book of the Earth Colony Chronicles, The Sword & the Starship, is a collaboration with a cousin and published under the name PJ Kurtz.

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Gwynlyn's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Good Witch

Philadelphia, PA


GH Year(s)
2007, 2009 & 2011, 2014

Completed Manuscript(s)
The Seer, The Dreamer, The Starship & the Sword.

Historical, Science Fiction

Started Writing:
Neolithic Era

Blog Posts from Gwynlyn

A Cautionary Tale

It’s been said that, in a courtroom, the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Something similar can be said for a writer who does his or her own editing. In an earlier blog, I mentioned fine-tuning my SFR and that it became a cautionary tale in and of itself. Here’s what […]

Prologues: Yea or Nay?

–Previously published on my personal blog– Warning: This blog is being written in the No Edits Zone. Grammar and Spelling Nazis, proceed at your own risk! After months spent fine-tuning the SFR (a cautionary tale in and of itself), I’m finally back to my Merlin Series. Gotta say, making the transition has been difficult. Worse, […]

Collaboration: How NOT to Commit Murder

Many moons ago, a younger cousin requested help with his writing.  He’s a marvelous storyteller, enjoys roll-playing games, and, like me, is a Ren Faire denizen, but his writing was what he calls organic—aka weak, wordy, and wandering, in need of industrial-strength honing.  Since he’s more like a brother than a cousin, I agreed. I […]


Time.  It’s rarely a friend, often in short supply, and likes to change things—not always for the better. Adages about it abound:   Time heals all wounds (or wounds all heels, depending on the circumstance).  Things will work out in good time.  Time waits for no man (or woman).  A stitch in time saves nine.  Time […]

You. Your Life. Your Writing.

My children came into the world with two sets of grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents.  Safe within the nurturing embrace of their large and loving family, they thrived. I can’t recall whether Son was in kindergarten or first grade, but one day, he arrived home confused and agitated.  A classmate claimed to have no grandparents.  How […]

Pipe Dreams, TV, and Random Research

A writer looking out the window is a writer at work.  A writer sitting on a bench eavesdropping on a conversation is a writer at work.  Even a writer crammed into a tiny, cluttered space searching the internet while a cat wiggles his way into more and more of her chair is a writer at work—as you can see.  The […]


I love words.  I love their subtlety, their brashness, their clarity, their obfuscation, their evocativeness, their sass, and so much more. Like people, words are multifaceted, imbued with both brilliance and occlusions, light and dark.  They can be courtesans or prostitutes, elusive and elegant or bold and blowsy, similar but not the same, available to anyone with the […]

Guest Author Kristina McMorris: Writing Dual Timelines

I realized from the beginning writing dual timelines was going to be a challenge; I’d never before attempted to interweave past and present storylines into a single novel. Yet due to the nature of what would ultimately become my latest release, The Pieces We Keep—in which a boy’s dreams are mysteriously linked to family secrets […]

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