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Elizabeth Bemis is a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist (and 2012 Winner). When she’s not writing romance, Liz operates Bemis Promotions, an advertising agency for authors, fights for control of her house with her husband and sons and various fur-bearing creatures and plays the role of joust marshal, sword fighter and historical reenactor with Combatant’s Keep Historical Entertainment. You can find more about her at

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Elizabeth's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Red Web Wizard

Cincinnati, OH


GH Year(s)
2004, 2005, 2009 (x2), 2010, 2012

Completed Manuscript(s)

Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult

Started Writing:
In Elementary School. Finished first full length Novel in 1993 or so. Didn’t write again until 1999.

Day Job:
Run Bemis Promotions and spend too much time, eyeball deep in code.

For Fun:
Read! Historical Re-enactor of the 18th Century (French & Indian War) and the 15th Century (War of the Roses)

Blog Posts from Elizabeth

Ready Set Launch: Five Simple Steps to a Powerhouse Promotional Plan

Promotional Plans are not for the faint of heart. They take work, thought, re-work, more thought, refinement, execution, and work… Did I mention work? The following five steps might not make it “simple” but will hopefully simplify some of the process as you begin to develop your own promotional plan. Step One: Defining your Unique […]

“Living” History

My name is Liz and I’m a history geek. (anonymous crowd) “Hi Liz!” I have not always been a history geek, however.  But those days are long gone. As it turns out, my beloved is also a history geek… and he’s shown me the way to really experience history. “A time machine?!” you might be […]

Why Does the East German Judge Hate Me? or Standard Deviation as it Relates to the Golden Heart

I owe my 2009 Golden Heart Final to my mom and math. I owe my mom because last fall I was… well, momentarily impoverished. Down on my luck. Poor. (I mean REALLY poor. Post-market-crash, self-employed-with-a-dearth-of-clients, poor.) I barely had enough for groceries, much less my Golden Heart entry fee.  And then the International Bank of […]

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