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Elizabeth Bemis is a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist (and 2012 Winner). When she’s not writing romance, Liz operates Bemis Promotions, an advertising agency for authors, fights for control of her house with her husband and sons and various fur-bearing creatures and plays the role of joust marshal, sword fighter and historical reenactor with Combatant’s Keep Historical Entertainment. You can find more about her at

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Elizabeth's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Red Web Wizard

Cincinnati, OH


GH Year(s)
2004, 2005, 2009 (x2), 2010, 2012

Completed Manuscript(s)

Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult

Started Writing:
In Elementary School. Finished first full length Novel in 1993 or so. Didn’t write again until 1999.

Day Job:
Run Bemis Promotions and spend too much time, eyeball deep in code.

For Fun:
Read! Historical Re-enactor of the 18th Century (French & Indian War) and the 15th Century (War of the Roses)

Blog Posts from Elizabeth

Fan Girl Friday – June 5

It’s that time again, Fan Girl Friday where we talk about books! I am your June Hostess, Elizabeth Bemis! And I’m thrilled to report that I’m headed out shortly to join other Ruby favorites, Darynda Jones, Autumn Jordon, Jacie Floyd and Rita Henuber at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together.  (#RAGT2015) It was great catching […]

It’s All About the Data… and boy, do we have data!

Liz Bemis and Jenn Stark are delighted to report that the 2015 Author Experience Survey (AES), which we hope to become an annual event, was a great success! As we mentioned in our introductory post, we’d hoped to get 100 responses to feel like we had a reasonable sample of authors. We almost doubled that […]

It’s All About the Data!

As authors experiencing the wild world of both Indie and Traditional publishing, as well as working with authors in the capacity of Bemis Promotions, we (Liz Bemis and Jenn Stark [aka Jennifer McGowan/Jennifer Chance]) find ourselves consumed with idea of needing more data. Quick chats online or at conferences lead to more confusion than clarity, […]

Ruby Release: Naughty Karma by Vivi Andrews

After reading Vivi Andrew’s Finder’s Keeper, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Karma’s book, Naughty Karma. Now that I’ve read the book, it must be said, my impatience was well-justified! Moreover, I couldn’t wait to grill Vivi about how she brought these fabulous characters to life.  Before I commence with the grilling, however, […]

Ruby Release: Hot Buttered Yum by Kim Law

Our very own Kim Law is releasing her second serial with Amazon Montlake this week, and I sat down with her to talk about the process of writing her new book. If you want to know more, check out the launch party for EX ON THE BEACH, or her previous post about writing e-Serials. Before […]

Guest Author: Jennifer McGowan

What I learned along the red brick road… Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the yellow brick road! Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road! Perhaps among the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood most of all, the lore of the yellow brick road resonates very deeply. This is the ideal path, the road Dorothy must […]

Miss Manner’s Guide to Working with Publishing Professionals

Dear Miss Manners, My agent never returns my calls or emails.  Even when I email her every day. Or call her on her home phone at 11:00 at night.  What can I do to make her more responsive to my needs?  My first book is out on submission, and I need to know what’s happening […]

What I Learned About Storytelling from Game of Thrones

I’d like to put this out there right now.  I am NOT cool. I’ve often longed to be cool, but after 40 years on this planet, I recognize that if I do something that seems cool, it probably started out as someone else’s idea, or it was an accident. And so it goes with my […]

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