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In addition to being a working woman and busy mom, Dani Wade writes emotional, sexy contemporary romance for Harlequin Desire, and is Indie published in sexy suspense. On her way to that exciting first publishing contract, she placed second in the 2008 Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie contest, and was a finalist in the 2009 RWA Golden Heart® contest for unpublished authors, among other contest successes.

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Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Angel

Huntsville, AL


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Short contemporary and spicy romance

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Day Job:
Medical Billing

For Fun:
Scrapbooking, Reading, and Photography

Blog Posts from Dani

Ruby Reprise: Writing Thru the Christmas Crazies

I’ve shared this post with y’all last year, but it can’t hurt to hear it again. If you’re like me, you struggle to sit down with your work in progress during the busy, busy holiday season. So I thought it would be fun to share some coping strategies once more. I’ve added my 2 cents […]

High Octane Heroes

Rock Star Two words that bring to mind the ultimate High Octane Hero. After all, they can whip an arena full of fans into a frenzy with one song, seduce a woman’s body and mind with their music, and hey, they’ve got the rhythm for ALL the right moves. Michael Korvello, the hero of my […]

RSS Welcomes GH Finalist Ella Sheridan…and her sister

Today I have the joy of welcoming a guest blogger from the Lucky 13s–the Golden Heart Finalists of 2013. Ella Sheridan is a finalist in the Paranormal category with her manuscript UNBROKEN – she’s also my twin sister. We thought we’d do something a little different, and just talk about the joys and struggles of […]

Ruby Release: Finding Her Rhythm by Dani Wade

One of the joys of my Indie-publishing endeavors is being able to write a book how it wants to be written– let the characters lead me and follow them without restraints (or into restraints, if that’s where they want to go). My editors have led my Harlequin books in great directions, strengthening them and my […]

To Tell or Not to Tell

When I first joined RWA, I read time and again: when people ask what you do, tell them you’re an author. Own it and be proud of yourself. I do and I am. It’s a lot easier when I can follow up with “and my first book will be on the shelves in August 2013,” […]

In Defense of Reading

How many times have you stood in a group of writers and heard this: “I never have time to read anymore.” “It’s been a year since I’ve read anything besides my own work.” “I don’t read because (insert reason here). But that’s okay.” Um, no. It isn’t. I’ve heard statements like these aplenty through the […]

Writing Thru the Christmas Crazies!

It’s December, and we are currently knee deep into the annual holiday season. As women, we are usually the ones responsible for the planning and plotting that goes into holidays, even if they aren’t being held at our house. The same is true for me—I do the planning, my hubby does the inviting (usually without […]

Ruby Release: Finder’s Keeper by Vivi Andrews

Have you ever gotten so involved in a world of characters that you feel like you could sit down for dinner with them? Well, I had the privilege of reading fellow Ruby Sister Vivi Andrew’s new addition to the KARMIC CONSULTANTS series, FINDER’S KEEPER (Book 6). And I could swear that this Sunday I’m having […]

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