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As an only child and only grandchild, Diana never felt lonely because of her imaginary friends. It wasn’t a big stretch from playing with imaginary friends to writing their stories. A learning curve and six children later, and she is finally beginning to grasp the novel writing process. Her 2009 Golden Heart romantic suspense final, Trust No One, came after ten previous attempts with five different novels. She believes the race doesn’t always go to the fastest, but the most persistent, and most especially to those willing to follow the golden road to their own definition of success.

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Diana's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Barefoot Ruby

small Texas town, home of the world famous fruitcakes


GH Year(s)

Completed Manuscript(s)

romantic suspense, historical suspense

Started Writing:
A long time ago, in a land far, far away. . .

Day Job:
maniacal mom to six

For Fun:
fun? Did you read I had six kids?

Blog Posts from Diana

Using My Kindle Fire to Proofread

After a three-year hiatus (the reasons why will be explained in another blog post), I had finally finished the next book in the Vista Security series, Edge of Trust, Vista Security book 3, which released in December 2015.  And I wanted to share the way I discovered that I think makes it much easier to […]

Serendipity: A Spooky (and Inspirational) Story for Halloween Month

This is Halloween month and while what happened to me this week might be serendipitous, it’s also kinda spooky! And whatever else, I absolutely love it and was inspired by it, and  you’ll see why as you keep reading! I’ve got to love social media and the Internet these days because I learn the most […]

Multi-Author Boxed Sets: The Hot New Thing?

Multi-author boxed sets, suddenly you are seeing them everywhere. Fabulous covers, full length stories, all genres . . . and all for a ridiculously low price. Here lately, most sets are only 99 cents (at least for part of the time)! What? That’s just crazy pricing, right! So what’s the advantage? The disadvantage? Before we […]

To Write or Not To Write?

To write or not to write? What do you do when life keeps throwing challenges your way? 2013: It was one of those years. Where the refrain from the Chumbawamba Tubthumping song keeps going through your head. Got everybody singing about getting knocked down and getting up again? You’re welcome. I’ve been knocked down before, […]

What The Heck Is This KindleWorlds Thing?

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a new Amazon venture, one that seemed to divide the ranks among authors. When I learned that friend, writer and editor Alicia Dean was one of the debut authors, I snatched her up to explain to Ruby readers what the heck is this Kindle Worlds thing. Thank […]

In Defense of Tightwads

I’m a Tightwad.  You will not catch me in line for a Starbucks coffee, although a couple of times on vacation I did splurge on a dollar McDonald’s coffee when I’d been driving a lot of miles. And on that vacation, I stayed in cheap hotels that usually had a coffee maker and fridge and […]

Choose Your Words Carefully-Guest Post: Barb Han

Today I’d love to welcome my good friend Barb Han who finds herself in the same position as I was this time last year: a debut author with two releases out in the same month! She has Seducing Avery, a sexy billionaire story, out with The Wild Rose Press, and Gone, a romantic suspense, out […]

Processing Emotions: Journaling Works For Me

Happy. Sad. Fear. Anger. Love. Emotions. I am not one of those writers who can keep writing fiction when my life is falling apart and a whole slew of emotions are bombarding me. Call me unprofessional, undedicated, even a weenie-I’ve called myself all of those names and more.  In the past I used to stop […]

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