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Books and music have always been Cynthia’s two greatest passions. Her love of the written word came from countless of hours spent in her second home (the library, of course!), but at the same time, she recognized that music held its own form of language which spoke it’s own timeless, unique, tale chock full of all the essential elements of good fiction. It’s true! Just look at Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, for example. Is there anything that foreshadows foreboding conflict better than those four ominous opening notes?

As Cynthia grew, she set aside those passions to earn her Bachelor’s degree in the chemical sciences (yet another budding interest), but life sidetracked her career with the birth of her first child. Dedicated to her position as stay-at-home-mom extraordinaire, she decided to meld her passions (books, music, chemistry) for a career of a different sort: that of a romantic suspense author.

Cynthia lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons.

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Cynthia's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Codename Ruby



GH Year(s)

Romantic Suspense

Started Writing:
Found my love of writing in junior high school and never looked back. Writing with an eye towards publication since 2004.

Day Job:
Stay-at-home Mom and Secret Agent. I’d tell you about it, but then I’d have to…fess up that it’s all in my head

For Fun:
Music, Reading (of course!), Musical Theater, Hiking, Horseback Riding. And I have been known to tap dance. Just not very well.

Blog Posts from Cynthia

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Guest Kat Cantrell: How bad do you want it?

One of the many reasons I love and admire my awesome friend/critique partner, Kat Cantrell, is because of the way she leads by example. Her determination and discipline in going after her goals has taught me how to do the same. When I’m feeling unmotivated, she’s the one who gives me a kick in the […]

Winter Writing Festival: Check-In #6

Just one more week to go! The Third Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is coming to the end of its SIXTH week. It’s hard to believe we’re on Day 43 of the festival – people have been doing an outstanding job meeting their goals and it’s time to celebrate! Today we complete our […]

Help! My house is a mess!

I admire those writers who can slave away at the keyboard and still manage to keep a pristine house. (especially those that add kids and a job into the mix!). As we close in on week six of the Winter Writing Festival, I’ve come to a hopeless conclusion. If I’m writing, my house is guaranteed […]

Talking Romantic Suspense: Villains

KEEPING YOUR VILLAIN REAL We’ve all seen movies (or read books) where the villain looks like this: If your character is Snidely Whiplash, then yeah, you can get away with making him look—and act—like that. But one of the most awesome things about writing romantic suspense is the opportunity to create compelling, three-dimensional villains, ones […]

Make It Golden – Winners Announced

WOW! The quality of the entries this year has been AMAZING! You did not make it easy on us, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we loved having such awesome competition and diversity among entrants, even though it made picking the winners SO very tough. Each and every entry, […]

Make It Golden Contest – Post Your Entries!

THE THIRD ANNUAL MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST OPENS RIGHT NOW! The MAKE IT GOLDEN contest is designed for unpublished authors who are polishing up their entries for RWA’s Golden Heart Contest. We all know how important a strong opening line is in grabbing the attention of Golden Heart judges, and this contest is a great […]

Ruby Blog-o-versary!!!

Can you believe it… we’re three years old today! That’s right, The Rubies have been your companions on the yellow brick road to publication for three years! We’ve dodged flying monkeys, faced down the wicked witch, cowered in the face of the Wiz (to find out he wasn’t so scary after all), and finally, been […]

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