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Winner of the 2010 Golden Heart for Best Inspirational Manuscript, C.J. Chase likes to make her characters solve mysteries, wrestle with the difficult issues of life and faith, and fall in love. All wrapped up with a happy ending, of course.

Like a character in one of her novels, C.J. took a circuitous route to her own happy ending as an author. Armed with a degree in statistics, she began a promising career in information technology. But after coworkers discovered she was a member of that rare species--a computer programmer who could also craft a grammatically-correct sentence--she spent more time writing computer manuals than computer code. Leaving the corporate world to stay home with her children, C.J. quickly learned she did not possess the housekeeping gene, so she decided to take the advice of her ninth grade English teacher and write articles and stories people actually wanted to read.

C.J. lives in the swamps of Southeastern Virginia with her handsome husband, active sons, one kinetic sheltie, and an ever-increasing number of chickens. When she is not writing, you will find her gardening, watching old movies, playing classical piano (badly) or teaching a special needs Sunday School class.

You can visit her cyber-home (where the floors are always clean) at

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Special Guest: Editor Emily Rodmell

As regular Ruby readers know, we sometimes have “Friday Free for All” Q & A’s here on the blog. Today we have a special guest to answer questions — Harlequin Love Inspired editor Emily Rodmell. And in addition to graciously fielding your questions, she has brought along a stack of prizes we’re be awarding to […]

Ruby Release: Redeeming the Rogue

One of the most exciting days for a debut author—after the CALL and the first check—is the day the book goes up on the online bookstore websites for pre-order. Now some of the Rubies and Ruby readers are old hands at this book publishing stuff, but Redeeming the Rogue is my first book, so I […]

What Color Is Your Book?

“Hey, CJ, what’s your favorite color?” A simple question with an obvious answer: green. For as long as I can remember, my favorite color has been green. When other girls had pink bedrooms, I chose green. As I type this, I’m wearing a green shirt. (But not the same green shirt I first put on […]

Getting the Conference Appointment You REALLY Want

Conference horror stories. We’ve all heard a few, or more. Remember the one about the overly-eager writer who slipped her manuscript under the bathroom stall and interrupted a poor editor’s private time? Or was it an agent? I did a quick Internet search on writer+manuscript+conference+bathroom and got over 500,000 hits. Seems more than one writer […]


Sometimes I feel so incredibly blessed to be a writer during the information age. Can you imagine typing the 561,996-word Atlas Shrugged on a manual typewriter? Or worse, handwriting all 560,391 words of Les Misérables? But even more than the easy cut-and-paste of modern word processors, I’m thankful for the instant communication and the unexpected […]

You Can’t Do That!

A funny thing happened on the way to publication: I got a truly up-close look at the difference between a “guideline” and a “rule.” I’m what you would call a Golden Heart success story. Not just because I finaled, won, and sold – but because I sold to a publisher I would have never submitted […]

Dealing with Disappointment: A Day Dedicated to Those Who Didn’t Get the Call

So, March 25, 2010, has come and gone, and your phone was silent all day long. Or perhaps your phone rang, but only when a writer friend called to share her good news of a Golden Heart or RITA final. And you tried to be happy for the finalists – because you are. But deep […]

The Long and the Short of It–Single Title vs. Category

“I love you.” Jack knelt before her, desire darkening his eyes to the color of the eastern sky at sunset. “Marry me, Jill.” Despair tightened around her throat, choking her. “I can’t.” “But why?” The callused pad of his thumb brushed her cheek and captured a tear. “Our word count is at 59,886. It is […]

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