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Ruby Rouge



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contemporary and historical romance

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writer and mom

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fish, read, facebook, eat out and drink margueritas

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Reinvesting in Craft

In May I will have published twenty books which when I think about it seems crazy because it wasn’t all that long ago that I was here talking about submitting my Golden Heart book (which never sold btw.) So to think seven years have passed since I first finaled in the Golden Heart and I’ve […]

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I used to love that Saturday Night Sketch from the 80s called “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman”. Just thinking about it gets me verklempt. Essentially it was a spoof on Mike Myer’s Jewish mother-in-law, and her infamous catch phrase “like butter” or rather “like buttah” was something I used often. If you’ve never seen it, you […]

Entering the Twilight Zone

Cue the Twilight music…. On a November day one month into the future, a writer will step outside her comfort zone to release a book she’d never thought she’d write. She’s entering – da da da- the Twilight Zone. Okay, so it’s not that dramatic, but in some way it is. Come November I will […]

Read a Romance Book Month

Welcome, weekend! And welcome to an event you as a writer (or a reader) will love – NPR’s annual Read a Romance Month! What’s RARM? Well, it’s a fabulous month of interviews, giveaways and celebration all for the wondrous beauty of something that gives you laughter, tears and a happily ever after – the romance […]

A Dark Horse is Born

Over the past few months I’ve been swamped. Spring is always busy with baseball, end of school activities and, since I try to write 2-3 books a year, a perpetual deadline. So, yeah, busy. Which means I haven’t blogged here in a while. It’s good to be back among my peeps. Since I’ve been MIA, I thought I would share a day […]

Chicken or the Egg???

Chicken or the Egg? It’s an age old dispute that we’ve talked about only…forever. Personally, I don’t really care which came first. I just want to eat both of them, preferably fried. Hey, I’m a Southerner. But that old debate leads me to something writers often debate – is success achieved by talent or perseverance? […]

Love & Oreos Debut

I’m so, so excited to host this Ruby Debut today! The fantastic, creative Liz Bemis has finally revealed her oodles of talent in a whole different way. I mean, look at this website and you’ll see just how creative she is everyday in her “other” job. But website designing wasn’t her first love. Nope. This […]

Just How Brave are YOU?

We talk a lot on the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog about writing, and I think we can all agree that writing a book, putting it “out there” and watching people read, review, throw your book into a trashcan takes a certain amount of bravery. Okay, so I don’t know that someone threw any of my books […]

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