Along Came a Cowboy by

She thinks he’s an unfeeling rodeo star. He thinks she’s a hothouse flower. They’re both wrong. 

Rodeo champ Carter Bass vows to steer clear of women, especially Barbie cowgirls with their bright lipstick and artificial smiles. The Mustang River Ranch’s wilderness chase offers the perfect opportunity to escape his fans and match wits with quarry that is tough, smart and athletic.

Allie McIvor found a place to call home when she fled the city for a job at the luxury ranch. She barely knows the front of a horse from the back, but she can dress enough like a cowgirl to keep the guests happy. And she’s not about to let the disdain of one swaggering cowboy dim her day, no matter that he’s too sexy for his own boots.

But when she finds herself competing in the rugged outdoors contest, she’s forced to dig up reserves of strength and determination she never realized she had. While that might be enough to win the heart of one hot broody cowboy, the Montana wilderness conceals many dangerous predators… And not all of them are four-footed.