All That Charm by

A dying friend’s gift delivers a chance to start over…

With Morning Glory in her rearview mirror, Eden Voorhees heads to New Orleans to pursue the dream she put on hold while caring for her disabled mother. But in the Big Easy, she finds a roach-infested apartment, a non-existent job and a dwindling bank account. Refusing to slink home and admit defeat, she accepts a part-time caregiver position to keep her theatre dreams alive.

Nick Zeringue juggles his restaurant empire with the demands of a special needs daughter. Devastated after his wife leaves him, he throws his energies into making his growing restaurants the best in the nation. When his daughter’s nanny quits, he replaces her with the quiet and alluring Eden. Attraction sizzles between them, but Nick won’t risk another broken heart for someone who may not stick around.

Eden has a plan for her life and it doesn’t include a man…at least not yet. Then her hidden identity as cabaret singer Lulu LaRue drops her (literally) into her boss’s lap, making her rethink what she’s always wanted. And when the chance to be on Broadway tap dances her way, Eden must decide – does she want love or fame?

Fall in love with Bourbon Street, a thrilling speakeasy…and Eden’s chance for happily ever after.