A Quick Note of Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Eve.  Tomorrow, we’ll gather together. Celebrate our abundance. Count our blessings.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people in my life who helped to make my dream to be a writer come true.

cornucopia of good things  I’m thankful for:

  •   my writing-retreat buddies and my HCRW friends
  •   my agent Kevan, for loving my work and staying with me until we sold
  •   SpencerHillPress, for taking a chance on this new author
  •   my friends and family, for being happy with me
  •   readers who love our books and support us so that we can write more stories
  •   blog followers, commenters and lurkers alike
  •   my Ruby sisters
  •   but most of all, I’m grateful to my husband and daughters for their unswerving belief in me all these years.

Who are you thankful for? Who deserves gratitude for the role they’ve played in your writing dream? Leave a quick note.  Let us celebrate together.

Elizabeth Langston is a 3-time Golden Heart Finalist in YA. Her debut novel, Whisper Falls (Book 1 of the Whisper Falls trilogy), will be released in November 2013. To learn more, visit her website or blog.

12 responses to “A Quick Note of Thanks”

  1. Hope Ramsay says:

    Elizabeth, my list is much like yours. I am thankful for:

    My editor, Alex Logan, who never allows me to be lazy;
    My agent Elaine English, who believed in me when no one else did;
    My Ruby Sisters, without whom I’d be lost;
    My RWA chaptermates at Washington Romance Writers, who really taught me how to write a GOOD book;
    My readers, who are miraculous;
    My kids who had to put up with me while I pursued this dream;
    My mother, who is no longer with us, but who read everything I wrote and was such a cheerleader for me;
    And my dearest husband who never let me quit.

  2. Thankful is not a big enough word to explain how I feel this year to be alive and cancer free.

    When I look at my 5-yr-old daughter’s sweet smile as she giggles, my 11-yr-old son’s too long hair that he refuses to cut, my 13-yr-old daughter’s One Direction room, clothes, texts,everything – I am thankful enough to cry.

    When my husband still cops a feel and whistles at me despite my obvious changes with chemo, I feel so lucky it squeezes my insides.

    When my mom and I link arms to walk slowly, enjoying the fall sky and each other, I know with every beat of my heart how blessed I am.

    Thankful – such a simple word, thrown around like the word love. The two go hand in hand – thankful and love. I’m so blessed to feel them both all day long.

    • Elizabeth Langston says:

      I’m completely with you. I sometimes feel like I’m just oozing gratitude for everyone whose path I cross.

      My on-going pain issues with my shoulders (which are nowhere near as critical as cancer–but has been so depressing for me) reminds me yet again how blessed I still am. Plus the health concerns opened my horizons to so many amazing people–people who really care and want to be invested in my life. I have a whole new “set” of experts on medicine, injuries, etc, who are happy to answer questions.

      They’ve made a difference in my life and will make a difference in writing career!

    • Kim Law says:

      Oh Heather, I love reading anything you write. Your true appreciation for life shines through so bright. Every time I read anything you’ve written, I think about how lucky we all are for medical science and for what it’s done for you! I believe you were meant to live, lady, and teach others you come into contact with how to appreciate it!

  3. So many!!! My agent Alexandra, my editor Jennifer, everyone at St. Martin’s and Macmillan, my family and friends, my Ruby sisters, my chapter LERA, my critique goddess Tammy, my agency and house siblings, the Grimlets, all of my readers, and my wonderful, wonderful husband Danny. I have so very many things to be thankful for, it’s unreal. This has been a stellar year.

    • Elizabeth Langston says:

      I forgot about my agency and publishing house siblings. I hadn’t realized how much that connection can count.

      Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Rita Henuber says:

    It’s difficult for me to identify one person. It’s more like many people and events came together to make it all possible. Not just the ‘good’ people and stuff, the not so good also. I’m thankful for everyone who has touched my life.

    • Elizabeth Langston says:

      that can be the one gotcha about being visibly thankful. You hate to leave out someone deserving–

  5. Kim Law says:

    There are so many people! That’s the funny thing with writing, we spend so many hours alone writing, yet it can’t get out there for others to read without all of those people backing and believing in us!

    I’m thankful for my agent Jill, my editor Kelli, Montlake Romance and whoever came up with the idea to start it, my brainstorming buddies-Lara, Trish and Gretchen, who make everything I write be so much better than what I originally came up with, my local chapters and RWA in general, who’ve taught me so much about writing and being in the business of writing, READERS!!!! and those who write the sweetest, nicest notes telling you how much they love your books, and of course, my Rubies, for being my sisters and always being a place I can go to whether for good or bad. This writing thing wouldn’t be the same without any of these people!

  6. Ginger Robertson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I’m thankful for God, my son, my family, and living in the USA, specifically the south.


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