A Little Bit of Sugar by

A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR is a humorous contemporary romance short story:

Twenty-two year old, Gina Stewart, lives with her somewhat eccentric family in Little Florence, Ohio, a small town on the outskirts of Cleveland. Despite his fair skin and bright red hair, her father, Scottish by descent, is determined to be Italian and he’s convinced the rest of her family to be Italian, too. If that isn’t embarrassing enough, her hunky neighbor, Anthony Carboni, puts her name on the ballot for Little Florence’s Sausage Queen and she wins. His revenge for her ruining his date with that sleaze bag – Lucia Manetti. Her humiliation doesn’t end there. Her post-college job search leads to one disaster after another. And Anthony’s determination to get her to date him only complicates matters. The last thing she wants is to be just another female passing through the revolving door of Anthony Carboni’s love life. Even if she’s had a huge crush on him forever.

Will Gina find her true calling in life? Can Anthony convince Gina he’s the right man for her?