A Kiss in the Wind by

MARISOL CASTELLAN is desperate to find her younger brother to reclaim the love of family her father never provided them. She manages to intercept a message containing her brother’s whereabouts, but must find a way to meet the ship he’s on. BLADE TYBURN has been known by many names – privateer, opportunist, pirate, and his favorite, libertine. All true. What he is not is tolerant. He’s furious to realize a vital keepsake from his troubled childhood was stolen by the wench he saved in the inn. But Marisol strikes a bargain—the cameo for passage to her brother. Blade agrees, and, though he knows his childhood sins make him unworthy of love, he begins to crave it with beautiful Marisol aboard ship. Marisol can’t allow herself distraction from her all-important mission, and besides, her murderous father would never allow a match with such a powerful rival no matter how attractive he’s become to her. And when her brother is found with the silver and a fishy story, Blade has reason to be more suspicious of Marisol and her intentions. But will Marisol and Blade be able to survive the deadly betrayal that awaits one of them and confess their true feelings for each other? Or does their love have no more chance of survival than A Kiss in the Wind?