A Good Book is Always in Fashion!

Diane_HotPinkJune 4th marks the release of book #5 in my IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway romantic mystery series. In DEATH,T AXES, AND HOT PINK LEG WARMERS, Tara goes undercover – in a strip club! – to bust the owner, who is running a drug and prostitution ring.  She also pursues the Tennis Racketeers, four men who ran a mortgage fraud scam between doubles matches. Tara is determined to strip the club’s owner of his illegal livelihood and grab the Tennis Racketeers by their fuzzy yellow balls. Meanwhile, she’s working out with her boss, Lu “the Lobo” Lobozinski, who is determined to get in shape.  While Lu’s goals are to be admired, her fashion choices – including her hot pink leg warmers – are somewhat more questionable.

I have to admit that I wore leg warmers back when Flashdance made them all the rage. Not only did I wear them over my jeans to school, but I also wore them to the roller skating rink. They were the perfect fashion complement to the red pom-poms on my skates, my neon-colored off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, and my kinky perm.  In college in the mid 80’s, I wore my shirts buttoned up all the way with a funky brooch or bolo tie at my throat along with super big shellacked hair. In the early 90’s I wore glasses that took up half my face.

Still, I think my worse fashion faux paus were the gauchos I wore in 5th grade. What the heck were those god-awful things? Pants? Shorts? A split skirt? Bell-bottom capris? Oh, the horror!

What was your worst fashion choice? What fashions would you like to see return? What fashions would you like to see go? Chime in for a chance to win a copy of DEATH, TAXES, AND HOT PINK LEG WARMERS. The winner will be announced on this blog around 9:00 pm Central time.

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20 responses to “A Good Book is Always in Fashion!”

  1. June Love says:

    LOL, Diane, I remember the Flashdance era, and all the others you mentioned. I wasn’t horrified by the gauchos like you were because I remember thinking if they were good enough for Victoria and Audra Barkley, then they must be cool, right? That must have been during my “I want to be a cowgirl phase.” 🙂

    Congratulations on your upcoming release! I hope your sales go through the roof.

  2. Diane Kelly says:

    I’ve seen a few old reruns of Three’s Company where Janet and Chrissy were wearing gauchos, too. If it was good enough for the Thighmaster Queen I guess it should be good enough for me, too, huh? Haha! Thanks for stopping by, June!

  3. Curtis Kelly says:

    At the time I thought they were super coolio
    But I have to admit I’m embarrassed that I ever wore parachute pants. What would I do with all those zippers anyway?

  4. No! Not the gauchos! LOL.

    I dunno, Diane, there were many a faux pas along the way…I’m torn between my moon boots and the permanent I had in ninth grade. Since the perm made me look like Little Orphan Annie on ‘roids…gonna have to go with that. As always, thanks for your wonderful humor!

    Great to see the new book out there! Congrats!

  5. Rebe says:

    Oh lord, the leg warmers, lol! That’s too funny! I definitely should NOT have gotten a perm! Also, I had the curled, teased, AquaNet-sprayed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives bangs. Good times!

  6. Tamara Hogan says:

    Count me in as someone who wore gauchos, elephant bells, leg warmers, Candies, too much neon, pegged jeans with high-tops, and safety pins in her ears.

    The thing about fashion faux pas is that they’re only faux pas in retrospect – and if one is very, very fortunate – or very, very sneaky – little pictorial evidence of our crimes of fashion survives. 😉

    • Diane Kelly says:

      I remember the safety pins! I had spiked hair for a very short time in high school, my nod to the Punk Rock era. I felt so rebellious. : ) Those pegged jeans were hard to get out of, weren’t they?

  7. I’m no fashion guru! LOL I sure hope yoga pants are in style, because that’s what I often wear…at least around the house.

    And leg warmers! I was surprised to see they’ve come back in fashion with my daughter’s ballet friends. But then, they walk around in tights, so it makes sense. 😉

  8. Kate Parker says:

    Yay, Diane. I love romantic mystery series. And I love leg warmers. I had a job where I had to wear a skirt back when leg warmers were in style and worked in a building that was a long walk from anywhere. They were the only thing that kept me from freezing.

    I’d wish they’d come back, but I live in the south now. Anyone wearing them here would swelter.

    • Diane Kelly says:

      I worked at an accounting firm in Houston back in the early 90’s and women could not wear pants. This is back when panty hose were still the norm. It was a miserable hike to and from the bus stop!

  9. Vivi Andrews says:

    Alaska in the 90s was the Land of Flannel. I was definitely a victim of Flannel Chic during my formative years.

    Congrats on the upcoming release, Diane! The book sounds like fabulous fun. 🙂

  10. Congrats on your release, Diane. I’ve never been a fashionista and have always dressed for comfort. My high school outfit of the day–everyday–were hip-hugger bell bottoms with suede soft-soled moccasins. The only thing between my feet and the floors was a 1/4 inch foam innersole. It was like going to school in my bedroom slippers. The only bad part was I couldn’t wear them when it rained or snowed. The only thing that changed from one day to the next was my top.

    • Diane Kelly says:

      I wish I’d been as smart as you back then! I remember teetering into my junior high school in a pair of those Candies backless spike heels. I totally dress for comfort most days now. Yoga pants and slippers have become my best friends. Dressing up now is putting on “real” shoes to go outside. : )

  11. Diane Kelly says:

    The winner is Rebe! Rebe, please email me a diane @ dianekelly . com (without the spaces) to claim your prize!

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by today!

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