It’s Birthday Number NINE for the Ruby Blog!!

Happy birthday to us!!

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog is NINE YEARS OLD today!!

It’s been a joy creating and sustaining this blog as a supportive online community for Romance writers and readers, offering a space for inspiration, advice, and Sisterhood for all!!

To date, we’ve offered up 2,692 blog posts, lots of special events like our annual Rita/Golden Heart Announcement Day Cyber-Party, an interview series with each new class of Golden Heart Finalists, fun Holiday Blog Hops, and our very own annual MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest (entry day is next Wednesday, September 26!!!…check out the contest rules here! and, if you’re Golden Heart eligible, get the opening 50 words of your romance manuscript buffed and ready! It’s fun, and it’s FREE!!).

We also love to provide get-your-fingers-on-the-danged-keyboard motivation with our friendly Chat Room sprint sessions, and our ever-popular Winter Writing Festival (which starts again on January 10, 2019)!

Above all, we’re thrilled to host all sorts of lively conversations year-round with other writers and readers, with over 90,000 comments made to date, and well over TWO MILLION reads from visitors we love!!

(And don’t forget the many hundreds of Ruby books that have come out since we started in 2009!)

Thanks to you, Loyal Readers, we’re here to CELEBRATE!!!

And, as we always do on our blog birthday, we’re going to enjoy our party by GIVING AWAY PRESENTS!! Leave a birthday greeting in one of the comment boxes below, and we’ll enter you in random drawings throughout the weekend!!

Everybody grab a slice of virtual birthday cake, put on your (Ruby) party shoes, and let’s have some fun!!!

Here’s a list of prizes random commenters* can win:

(*note: Sorry, due to shipping expenses, physical book prizes can be awarded to U.S. residents only.)

Lara Archer a print copy of THE DEVIL MAY CARE (US only), plus $15 Amazon gift card

Tamara Hogan:     A writing journal

Addison Fox:  $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, winner’s choice

Rita Henuber: $20 Amazon gift card

 Kim Law:     Montana Series four books, either print or electronic, US only

Autumn Jordon:  digital copy of LOVED BY DARKNESS, plus $15 Amazon gift card

Laurie Kellogg:    A digital copy of winner’s choice of one of Laurie’s books, plus a $10 Amazon gift card

Bev Pettersen:     An electronic copy of SHADOWS OF THE MOUNTAIN, plus a $10 Amazon gift card

Liz Talley:     A copy of COME HOME TO ME, plus a $10 Amazon gift card

Katie Graykowski:  A $20 Amazon gift card and e-copies of her entire Texas Rose Series: TEXAS ROSE FOREVER, TEXAS ROSE ALWAYS, TEXAS ROSE EVERMORE, TEXAS ROSE FORGIVEN. 

Lizzie Shane: a copy of ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID

Heather McCollum: Prize bundle (US only):  Ruby slipper statuette and deck of RSS playing cards, plus a print copy of THE BEAST OF AROS CASTLE 


Thanks so much, everybody, for stopping by for our birthday bash!!! We hope to see you on Wednesday for the MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest Entry Day!!! And for lots of other fun, inspiration, and celebration all year long!

Contest Rules for the 2018 MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest!

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood will celebrate our NINTH blog birthday tomorrow, with our usual celebratory fun and fabulous prize packages!! The following Wednesday, September 26, in keeping with Ruby tradition, we’ll be opening our 9th Annual MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST, and giving our Golden-Heart-eligible readers a terrific chance to shine (plus have a chance to […]

Don’t Let Fear Block the Parade

It’s time again for my semi-annual oncology check-up visit, and it never fails to make my heart pound and my knees feel weak. I’m a seven-year ovarian cancer survivor and am very lucky to be alive. It was a fluke really, that they caught my tumor, which grew from nothing detectable at my annual GYN […]

I Loathe Writing First Drafts!

I loathe writing first drafts. LOATHE IT. There. I said it. I know, I know. I’ve heard all the writerly bromides: “First drafts are  supposed to be bad.” “You can fix anything but a blank page.” But the perfectionist who lives in my head doesn’t listen. She’s singing, “Let it suck, let it suck, let it suck!” – […]

Foreign translations through Babelcube

At Romantic Times 2017 in Atlanta, I attended a workshop where an author panel discussed book/marketing projects that took little effort and brought in “nice” revenue. One of the authors mentioned having her books translated with Babelcube and the steady income she gets from those translations. “It’s free money!” That suggestion caught my attention. I […]

Simply the Best

I had the amazing good fortune over the past few weeks to attend the US Open. I had the even better good fortune to watch Serena Williams play. First, let me just get this out of my system. Wow!

What My Mother, And Walt, Didn’t Tell Me

Life is messy. I don’t know one person who is living the fairy tale that Walt and his tribe, lack of social media, and the sheltering love of parents helped us to envisioned as children. Disagreements were once about how we were affected. Now they included our families, our communities and our world’s state, and […]

The Mysterious Creative Brain

This year at RWA, I attended several workshops about the brain which blew my mind (ha. get it?), including the PAN Retreat with Roseanne Bane who spoke extensively about how stress can literally change your brain chemistry and inhibit creative thinking.  (You can check out her additional resources for her keynote here:  RWA2018) She had […]

How to Prepare for a Book Release

Hello Ruby Readers! Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend if you were lucky enough to have Monday off. Even though I went to the beach with friends and family, my mind was ticking away on all the promotion details I need to remember for my upcoming book release. The first book in my new […]

A Dash of This and a Pinch of That

All too often, writing advice can come off like a recipe. No more than three sentences in a paragraph. All paragraphs must be a minimum of three sentences.  Keep your chapters short. Write at your own pace. Build a rich world and trust your reader will keep up. Don’t confuse the reader with too many […]

After the Big Triumph (or Defeat)

Last week I had the opportunity to check something off my bucket list.  I got to go on Jeopardy! (Aaaaahhh!!!!) Now, if you want to find out how I did, you’re going to have to wait until October 15th like everyone else – at which point I will spill ALL – but today I want […]

Thank you, Sabrina

In this year’s Rita Awards ceremony, the audience watched clips of authors thanking fellow authors who had played an important role in their writing careers. We’re all in this together. When RWA called for submissions for this feature, I sent in an entry–to thank Sabrina Jeffries for all she’s meant to me. We were selected to […]

Just Contempt

Has this ever happened to you? I read continuously. Sometimes two books at a time. This past week I took my grandsons to the library and even though I have hundreds of books sitting in my office and on my kindle that I’ve not read yet, I had to have another world to step into. […]

I Got A Request! … Now What?

Whether you went to the RWA National Conference and were able to get one of the “Speed Pitch” slots or not… whether you pitched on twitter or participated in PitchWars or dug through Query Tracker and Publishers Marketplace to see which editors and agents were acquiring and building their lists right now, at some point […]

300 words a day

If your summer has been like mine, finding time to write is difficult. Schedules are in a shambles. Any time you do find, after spending the day breaking up childhood squabbles and entertaining visiting relatives, is not when you normally write. I don’t know about you, but I’m grouchy if I don’t get to spend […]

A Newbie’s Take on RWA18 Conference

I did not attend RWA18 in Denver. I did stalk social media for information and pictures shared by other authors. I found plenty. Seems 18 was an excellent conference. But I was only seeing posts from established romance authors. What did the newbies/first timers think? Did they have the same experience? I asked first time attendee, […]

Mojo…or Not

The annual Romance Writers of America Conference was recently in Denver. The conference was amazing – fun, fulfilling, and enlightening. It was time spent with friends, time making new friends, and time learning about others’ experience in this business.

Traveling to Open a Writer’s Mind

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Perhaps you are headed out on vacation? I just returned from our family house on the coast of Maine. We inherited the 19th century home from my husband’s grandparents. It’s bank of wild primroses and lupines leads down to McCollum Beach. From the porch you can […]

What Would Jane Austen Want?

Last week I saw an article about a new television adaptation of a Jane Austen work I’d never heard of, which made me sit up and take notice because I was pretty sure I’d read all of Ms. Austen’s work (at least twice) and had even made a pilgrimage to Bath to walk the paths taken in  Persuasion.  So […]

We’re Back!

Okay, RWA National was fantastic! I did more than survive. My brain is exploding with inspiration, and also, and perhaps more importantly, with concrete ideas on how to execute. While we all recover, I thought I’d put up a quick post with some of my top RWA 2018 moments. – When the woman with the […]

We’re at RWA Nationals!!

We’re quiet on the blog this week because most of the Rubies are attending the Romance Writers of America National Convention this week! We’ll be back next week with reports on what went on and what we learned! Stay tuned!

Packing for Nationals? A Few Tips on What to Take

Many eager authors are already gathering in Denver for the annual Romance Writers of America National Conference, but for those of us who are still frantically throwing things into suitcases and doing the early online check-in for our flights, I thought I’d toss out a few conference veteran tips on what to chuck into that […]

Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Anna Murray!

Today we’re welcoming our final Persister guest (before we get to meet most of them in person at Nationals next week!!), 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Anna Murray, whose manuscript BIRDS OF A FEATHER is nominated for Best Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance. Anna Murray’s creative essays have appeared in Vox, The Reject Pile, Role Reboot, […]

Save the Golden Heart!!!

During our rather rollicking interview yesterday, 2018 Golden Heart Finalists D. Murphy Ryan and Eileen Emerson and I got into a conversation about the Golden Heart. That discussion got so long, I decided to split it into a separate post for today, which would help us get a larger discussion going about the future of […]

Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalists Eileen Emerson and D. Murphy Ryan!

What a treat here for our second-to-last interview with the Golden Heart class of 2018: today we’re welcoming TWO Persisters, D. Murphy Ryan and Eileen Emerson! D. Murphy Ryan, also known as Dawn, is a finalist in Contemporary Romance Short with OUT OF THE SHADOWS, and Eileen is a finalist in Historical Romance with AN […]

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