Using Holidays to Help You Promote

Happy Holidays, everyone!

As authors, we are always looking for ways to promote our work in a non-in-your-face type of way. Holidays are an easy way to help you gain some personal and professional exposure. Here are a few ideas for using holidays as your promotional theme.

  • New Years goals setting post on a blog

  • 10 ways to woo your love on a St. Valentine’s Day FB post

  • Sharing how the Leprechaun visits your house

  • Easter Egg hunt on your website with a prize for the most eggs found

  • Mother’s Day tea party – either a live stream on FB or a real tea party in your community

  • How to make a DIY project for your Dad or live stream a Summer Solstice party

  • Celebrating the summer and trips you are taking in a newsletter

  • Back to school giveaway with one of your books and personalized pencils

  • Halloween Trick or Treat blog hop

  • November “I am thankful” posts on FB

  • Holiday Cookie Exchange FB/Blog Hop

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Use holidays that are important to you or discussed in your books. Describe and celebrate aspects of ancient holidays like Beltane and Samhain to show readers the historic details you’ve researched. Have fun with it.

Today and tomorrow, 32 historical romance authors are sharing their favorite holiday cookie recipes on a blog hop that I set up. It was not too difficult. Here’s a quick How-To.

How to Set Up a Blog/FB Hop

  1. Decide on the dates, theme, and grand prize/prizes.

  2. Set up a google doc on which authors can sign up with their links, prizes, and whatever else crucial to the hop (like cookies in my hop).

  3. Invite authors to participate with an e-mail or message. Give them the google doc link and your PayPal address if they need to contribute a small amount to the grand prize (usually along with one of their books).

  4. Create a graphic with the authors names on it. Distribute to the authors.

  5. Create an event on FB (make certain you mark it Public at the beginning of setting it up. You can’t change a Private event to Public event after you choose). You will need to make a simple list of instructions for hoppers to follow to list on the event page. Wait until the actual event to post the author links since they will not be ready yet.

  6. Find other places where the hop information can be listed. I chose my web site landing page and a FB page that my publisher runs. And I’m placing it on here (sneaky : ).

  7. Gather all the author links and create a list. Send out the list to the authors for them to place with their posts so that readers can keep hopping after visiting them.

  8. Advertise the event on social media. I am also running a small ad with FB. Ask the authors to advertise.

  9. The day before, remind the participating authors to get their posts ready for the hop.

  10. On the day of the hop, check all the links to make sure they lead to where the authors want readers to hop. Fix any links that aren’t working.

  11. Keep track of the reader entries for the grand prize. I have participants e-mailing me a completed list of cookies to enter the grand prize drawing. I set up a folder to where e-mails with a specific subject line will transfer.

  12. After the hop is over, randomly pick one winner and send prize. If all authors are sending prizes, send the winner’s e-mail address out to all the authors. Thank everyone for participating.

This is a fun, cheap, and relatively easy way to gain some exposure by engaging readers and inviting them to your web sites or FB pages. Below is a link and graphic for the Cookie Exchange Hop. If you hop and collect all the cookies, you can enter to win $160 gift card (just $5 from each author) and thirty-two digital books.


Join in! You are eligible to win too! Holiday Cookie Exchange Hop Link

Do you have any ideas to share for promotion using holidays?




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