Winter Writing Festival – Week #4 Check In

The Third Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is coming to the end of its fourth week. It’s hard to believe we’re on Day 29 of the festival – people have been doing an outstanding job meeting their goals and it’s time to celebrate!

Today we complete our 4th full week, and it’s time to officially check in!

If you’re reading this on the Festival website (the blue site), jump on over to the regular Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog (the ruby-colored site, at and leave a quick comment about your experience with the Festival and your progress so far.

A few odds -n- ends before we get to the goodies.


Our Chat Room  is open over at the site. You can check the times that are posted on the RSSWWF site (blue site) for your sprint hostesses and come join us.

If you haven’t had a chance to drop in yet or if you’re not sure how it all works, Kim Law put together a great post on how the sprints work right here.

2. If you’ve made your goals so far, you should be at 29 POINTS! (The day one sign up got you a bonus point for the first day!) Don’t forget, you can always make up points so if you’ve fallen behind, just work on catching up over the next few weeks. All writing is good writing!

If you made your goals, please add a line in your comment in all caps saying I MADE MY GOAL!!! You will hear us cheering loudly!!!

If you’ve fallen a bit behind, don’t worry, just jump right back on and keep going!

3. There’s still time to download your Festival Participant Badge right here:

If you’d like to post the badge to your personal site, you can grab it here.  Just right-click on the badge below, choose “SAVE IMAGE AS” and save it to your computer. You can then upload it to your own website as you please!

writing-fest-2012-template copy



Anyone who checks in at the Ruby blog today will be entered in a random drawing to win one of the following prizes – don’t miss out!:

  • 25-page critique (Kim Law)
  • Taste Me and Chase Me(print), by Tamara Hogan
  • When She was Wicked(print), by Anne Barton
  • Serengeti Sins and The Ghost Exterminator (print), by Vivi Andrews
  • $20 Amazon Card (Bev Pettersen)

So come join us and let us know how you’re doing! How did Week #4 go? Did you make your goals?

78 responses to “Winter Writing Festival – Week #4 Check In”

  1. Elisa Beatty says:

    Woo-hooooo!!! I MADE MY GOAL!!!

    In fact, I finished the 201-page accreditation report that’s been standing between me and fiction writing for about four months!!!

    I’m happy dancing. It was painful writing that ugly sucker into my goals, but I knew I’d go insane if I didn’t cut myself some slack.

    But now I’m getting back to fiction, and I couldn’t be more excited. WOOOOO!!!

    And may I say what FABULOUS books we have as prizes this week??? Wow!!!



    I finished all edits on my contracted book and have turned my attention back to my WIP. This next week will be tough as my goal will be measured by word count. But I’m looking forward to getting into creative, word-generation mode again! 🙂


  3. Lisa Olech says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! Been writing for the last five hours…brain crisp…coffee buzzed…need to shower. Can no longer form full sentences. But, God, don’t I love it!!!


  4. Well, other responsibilities interrupted for a while, but now I’m back at it 🙂
    I’m glad to return to this companionable winter-writing group!


  5. elliemurasaki says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I have another whole (and, I am reassured, suitably creepy) short story written, and half of *another*, and my head is spinning so fast you have no IDEA.


  6. Kristina Mathews says:

    This week was a bust for me. Between Super Bowl letdown, (I still can’t bring myself to wear purple), my husband travelling to Arkansas and taking my muse with him and getting stuck on chapter 3, I didn’t get even close to 1,000 any day this week.

    I came close last night, but then my real life hero walked through the door and we had some catching up to do.

    I’ll get back on track next week. If I double my word count, I can make up the points. I know I can do this.


  7. Grace Hood says:

    Alas and alack, I’m a bit behind, at 23 pts. But I’m sure I’ll catch up. We’re in for a blizzard this weekend, predictions of two feet of snow by Sunday morning. Great excuse to stay in and write.


  8. I Made My Goal! Mostly due to the confluence of two things: 1) a huge promo blitz for my March release that I’ve spent 3 days scheduling, 2) finishing my xmas novella. You know when you get close enough to the end that normal word count flies out the window, and suddenly you’re spilling out 15,000 words in a week? Yeah – that.


  9. Julie Opdyke says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! 100 words a day and some plotting accomplished this week. It’s nice to have my characters talking to me again.


  10. I MADE MY GOAL!!

    Huzzah! Even better, I’d upped my goal to 1300 words a day instead of 1K and I still hit it every day. Thanks for all the support here. I’m so glad I joined this year!!!


  11. Greta says:


    I also got very lucky on last week’s prize drawing … and won the Rita Henuber critique. Thanks, Rubies, for running this terrific writing festival.


  12. Debbie says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I’ve added another 9,117 new words and have a cumulative total of 48 points. Although I’m more a long-distance writer than a sprinter, it is the sprint sessions that generate focus, get me in front of the WIP, and provide the encouragement and some “water cooler” chatter that have made the difference. Thanks for all the support and congratulations on everyone’s success.


  13. Cia says:

    DIDN’T MAKE MY GOAL, but did what I do when the words aren’t co-operating – focus on honing craft for a while.


  14. Tiana says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!! Thanks to chem lab letting out early last night I got caught up. Now to get back ahead. Congrats everyone on another prosperous week, whether you made it or not, at least you made progress!



  15. Kathy Hills says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! At least two hours a day and still going strong. My edits are almost done! Thanks WWF!!!



    I’ve added 30k to my WIP, so I’m averaging 1k a day. I’d like to be averaging more, but this is still pretty good given other craziness with toddlers and day job.



    Thanks to the presidential duties I’ve been completing, I’m caught up in points … and even a point ahead!

    I’m also still busily revising my novella. Work, work, work!



    Got 2nd book in trilogy to the beta reader. Keeping up with commenting on blogs/tweets/etc. Got covers done and titles for the six part novella series. Going to dedicate at least two hours each day this weekend to cleaning. Work is a mess and I’ve slacked in that department.

    Congrats to everyone who made their goals and keep going to those who are a little behind. 😀 You can do it!


  19. Delia says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I love the sprints. I try to get at least one in every day…even if I’m tired, grouchy, and brain fried. I promise myself I can stop after 100 words or 30 minutes of research and usually, I surpass the 100 words or get new ideas from my research. Here’s to getting the first draft of the current WIP done by the end of the festival.


  20. Maggie Kelley (Bowen) says:

    A bit behind…by just a couple of points. I got distracted when the dishwasher fell through the ceiling of the house we’re buying…yeah. ‘Nuff said.
    But this weekend I plan to kick it!
    Keep keepin’ on everyone.


  21. Lyn says:


    Made amazing progress this week, due to the fantastic sprints and the even more fantastic ladies who host them.

    Thanks so much Ruby Slippered Sisterhood – you helped me kick my own butt into gear and get my priorities right!


  22. Colleen says:


    This week was a lot more promising than last, too. I felt like I got a ton more accomplished and I have a game plan for the next 10 day stretch. My sequel is LITERALLY due to my editors in 10 days. EEK. But, I’m so close I can taste it!!


  23. Cheril Vernon says:

    I’m a few points behind this week, but hope to catch up this weekend. Glad to see so many people making their goals!


  24. Raven Raye says:

    Made a few goals. Keep forgetting to post the points. I might get the hang of this before it’s over.



    • Addison Fox says:

      I hear you on the point posting, Raven! I tend to write it down and then catch up with housekeeping on the weekends 🙂



  25. Patti Macdonald says:

    Sneaking in here at the last minute to proclaim:

    LOL, I made them with eight minutes to spare before the stroke of midnight!

    Congrats to all the others!

    Patti 🙂


    • Addison Fox says:

      YAY, Patti!!! I KNEW you were going to be way more productive than me after last night’s sprint! 🙂



  26. Kali says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!! (Which resulted in a finished first draft!!!!)

    And I went to the gym before I posted this so I’m just a smidge late 🙂 But hey, I made my workout goals this week too!


  27. I made and now am changing my goal! I’d been burning through rough drafting, got about as far as I could without going back to rewrite and figure out a bunch of things, so from now on I’ll be changing up my goals from word count to time spent rewriting (as a lot of cutting will be done). Hopefully that is kosher, it seems like as long as you are working everything goes in this fest, which I love!


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