Winter Writing Festival Check In – Week #3

The Third Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is coming to the end of its third week. It’s hard to believe we’re on Day 22 of the festival – people have been doing an outstanding job meeting their goals and it’s time to celebrate!

Today we complete our 3rd full week, and it’s time to officially check in!

If you’re reading this on the Festival website (the blue site), jump on over to the regular Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog (the ruby-colored site, at and leave a quick comment about your experience with the Festival and your progress so far.

(See info on SWAG you could win, below!!)

A few quick updates before we dive in.


Our Chat Room  is open over at the site and we have been having a blast. We’re all making progress and making friends – what a dynamic combination. Check the times that are posted on the RSSWWF site (blue site) for your sprint hostesses and come join us.

If you haven’t had a chance to drop in yet or if you’re not sure how it all works, Kim Law put together a great post on how the sprints work right here.

2. If you’ve made your goals so far, you should be at 22 POINTS! (The day one sign up got you a bonus point for the first day!) Don’t forget, you can always make up points so if you’ve fallen behind, just work on catching up over the next few weeks. All writing is good writing!

If you made your goals, please add a line in your comment in all caps saying I MADE MY GOAL!!! You will hear us cheering loudly!!!

This may be the point where you’ve begun to fall behind. Don’t worry about it – every day’s a good day to write. And if you feel your original goals were a tad too ambitious, don’t worry – revise them and keep on keepin’ on.

Also remember, you can  always double up on later date. The point is to KEEP WORKING and MAKE PROGRESS!! The festival is designed so you can comfortably make writing a part of your life – finding the right pace and structure for yourself is an important piece of the writer’s journey.

3. Don’t forget to donwload your Festival Participant Badge right here:

If you’d like to post the badge to your personal site, you can grab it here.  Just right-click on the badge below, choose “SAVE IMAGE AS” and save it to your computer. You can then upload it to your own website as you please!

writing-fest-2012-template copy


4. Is it too late to join??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If you’re just discovering us, or if you’ve heard friends talking about the festival, don’t be shy about joining us. The whole goal of the WWF is to write daily and make writing a habit. Every day is a good day to start!


Anyone who checks in at the Ruby blog today will be entered in a random drawing to win one of the following prizes – don’t miss out!:

  • 25-page critique (Rita Henuber)
  • One Night that Changed Everything (print), by Tina Beckett
  • 1st two books in Alaskan Nights trilogy (print), by Addison Fox: Baby it’s Cold Outside and Come Fly with Me
  • Gift bag of chocolates (Beth Langston)
  • $15 Amazon or Starbucks Card (Liz Talley)


So come join us and let us know how you’re doing! How did Week #3 go? Did you make your goals?

70 Responses to “Winter Writing Festival Check In – Week #3”

  1. elliemurasaki says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! And now I have ANOTHER project in progress argh. I am used to writing short-shorts and never having works in progress, and now I have three projects with some but not all of the words.

  2. Kathy aka C. K. Crouch says:

    I’ve had a good week adding detail and deleting junk that is not needed. I hope to reach a happy medium one day soon.

  3. Eve says:

    I made my goal! And I finally finished my NaNo 2012 story. (Never mind the plotholes, they’ll be fixed during the edits)

  4. Kathy Hills says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!Very happy with my progress, thanks to the Sisterhood! My current MS is almost there!

  5. I MADE MY GOAL!!!!

    And finished one book and got a nice start on the next one that has been whispering in my ear for some time now. An excellent week.

  6. Naiobi James says:

    I made six days worth of goals in one day then realized I had to do a cut and slash to keep the story on track. I am in a constant tug of war with my characters but we manage to compromise most of the time.

  7. Tiana says:

    I MADE MY GOAL… Barely.

    It’s been a rough week, but I am hanging in there, hope everyone is having fun and keeping up with their goals!


  8. Lisa Olech says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! It was touch and go there for a bit, but I caught up yesterday.

  9. Debbie Hancock says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! The sprints are very helpful in keeping me at my desk and focused on the writing. One of my goals was to move my office upstairs where it is warmer, but I stored non-work things elsewhere. That, too, has helped along with the support of my friends :)

    • Addison Fox says:

      Wonderful, Debbie! And YAY on the new office space – it’s always fun to get your office set up just the way you want it.


  10. Kelley Bowen says:

    I picked up some steam this week…I’m at 22 points. Yay! This is the first time this year that I’ve made it! And isn’t the first time always the best? ;)

    Okay, well, maybe not, but I’m still happy to be at 22.

    Great week, everybody.

  11. Greta says:


    Haven’t done any sprints or anything else yet. Good luck to everyone else!

    • Addison Fox says:

      Wonderful, Greta! And definitely come join us if you’ve got the time – we’d love to have you join us for the sprints :-)


  12. Delia says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! Progress is slow but at least it’s progress :)

  13. Kristina Mathews says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! Some days were harder than most, but the accountability helped me hang in there. Especially now that we’re heading into baseball season. It really helps to keep track of my word count when I end up writing in spurts in my car while waiting for one practice or another to wrap up. My high schooler also has Sunday football camps, so we won’t have a weekend free until summer.

    But he’s a Freshman, just trying to make the team, and figure out what position will be the right fit. It some ways we’re going through the same kind of thing. We’re both working toward a goal. We both realize that working at it every day is important. The only difference is that I will have many more chances after my rejections. He’s only got a few shots at it. I hope he makes it.

    • Addison Fox says:

      Congratulations, Kristina!

      And wishing your son good luck as well. You’re setting such an awesome example for him!


  14. I *almost* met my goal. If I put in some solid time today, I should be okay.

    I received twice the number of Golden Heart entries to judge than I expected, so will have to rejigger my schedule in February to get it all done and still meet my RSSWWF goals. (Maybe I should go in an add “judge GH entries” as being pointworthy.)

    • Addison Fox says:

      You can do it, Eileen!!!!

      And I’ve heard from several folks that their GH packets came – if you need to modify your goals by all means, feel free to! :-)


    • Kelley Bowen says:

      Me, too…and in a category I didn’t list as first OR second choice…kinda strange, huh? Truth be told, I’m a little crushed with commitments right now, too, but I feel so strongly that every entry be read twice…guess I’m going to be adding GH points to my matrix! :)

  15. Colleen says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!! Mostly because I had to revise 150 pages for my editor within one week. And I’ve been home bed ridden with a respiratory infection (ick).

    Hope everyone else is trucking along and doing well!

    • Addison Fox says:

      Congrats on meeting your goals, Colleen! And so sorry to hear about the ick – honestly, everyone is battling something right now. ‘Tis the season. Feel better soon!


  16. Addison Fox says:

    I am so proud of everyone!!!! Keep the good news coming!


  17. Amanda Brice says:

    I have not made my goals, but that’s probably because I set the bar too high (2500 words per day). I’m averaging more like 1500.

  18. Hope Ramsay says:

    I have so NOT made my goal! The last three weeks my day job became a complete MONSTER. So this weekend, I will be nose to computer for two days as I rush to finish the revisions that are due on Monday. I get negative points if I have to write on the weekends! My entire effort was to try to force myself to write on WEEKDAYS and to try to recognize that writing is part of my day job too.

    Well, I have fallen flat on my face. Old habits die hard. And now I’m all stressed out.

    So, for those of you who are watching all these people brag about how productive they’ve been, I just thought I would come clean. Wave if you have also utterly failed to make any part of your goal. Misery loves company and I’m feeling lonely right at the moment. :)

  19. Sarah Andre says:

    Hosted an author on the which I gave myself 10 pts for (reading her book, writing up questions and formatting/hosting.) Very little writing though this week. :(

    • Addison Fox says:

      That’s OK, Sarah – we’ve got lots of time to keep making up the week and diverting for business needs is part of the working writer’s life!


  20. Didn’t make my goal yet due to illness and a broken humerus bone, but I’m still hanging in there! Read another hour yesterday, and I’ve been thinking of which conference I want to go to, so I am using my time well. Thanks for the support, sisters!

  21. Julie Opdyke says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! Although it was a bit harder this week. I had more stuff going on, but on those days, I still managed to get my words on the page because I wanted my points. LOL!

  22. Checking in a bit late, since I slept THROUGH my alarm and opted to go to the gym instead of Starbucks before work. I guess I’ve got to have a healthy body to have a creative mind (at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

    I didn’t quite make my goal … sitting at 20 points, so I can make that up without a problem.

    Getting ready to embark on an exciting new blog project I can’t wait to share with you all.

    • Addison Fox says:

      Healthy body – sound creative mind. ABSOLUTELY!!!

      And can’t wait to hear about the new project!!!

  23. Anita Hayes says:

    I MADE MY GOAL but I am changing it all…lol I have this week been working on typing up Chapter 10 which is a Military funeral complete with color guards, bugle, and rifles for a 21 gun salute. I also included the 12 folds of the flag. This chapter is so hard to type. I have gone through almost a box of tissues. I typed the rough draft but made notes along the way on my handwritten rough draft as I am realizing things I need to add, take out or just plain fix..Very detail oriented. Hope you all have been as busy as me. Big hugs all.

    • Addison Fox says:

      Congrats on a great week, Anita!!!!

      And the chapter sounds so lovely and emotional – go you!!!


  24. I MADE MY GOAL! Actually I’m thrilled to find that I’m actually ahead! Finished one ms, a synopsis, and am currently revising. Then moving on to another stalled project. The RSSWWF has been exactly the kick in the pants I needed. Haven’t had a chance to join in the sprints yet, but hoping to :)

  25. Lya Laberge says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!!!:) This whole thing is wonderful. The sprints keep me so motivated and I’ve been excited from meeting so many wonderful women!

  26. Caro Kinkead says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! Not only that, but best week so far. Project is at the halfway point, and I’ve at a stage where I’m actually eager to get to the keyboard. Even with being sick, the momentum is actually there enough that it’s carrying forward. (Actually, the lunchtime writing sessions this week have been what’s given me my second wind so I can get through the rest of the afternoon at work.

  27. Page Pennington says:

    Finally getting into a rhythmn and the revising is starting to chugg along. Ideas of how to make this one better are starting to bubble to the surface. Gotta love the girls in the basement.

    • Addison Fox says:

      Awesome Page!!! Another great week for you!


      I emailed you earlier this week about being a winner for last week’s swag. Shoot me a note back when you can! :-)

  28. Cheril Vernon says:

    I MADE MY GOAL. I had a much better week this week than last and was able to stay caught up on my writing! The festival is really helping me with setting up goals and following them, so I appreciate it. I haven’t been able to do a sprint yet, but hope to do so soon.

  29. Patti Macdonald says:

    I MADE MY GOAL again this week, despite the spring fever that seems to be gripping us here in TX. LOL, I know it’s temporary, but I’ll take a warm sunny day when I can get it! (as long as it’s not August!)

    Patti :)


    I’m up about 22,000 words so I guess I’m averaging right at 1k a day–I had kind of hoped for more, but it’s still nice.

    Thank you ladies so much!

  31. Raven Raye says:

    I made it! I made it! Yes! Book 2… watch out.

  32. Lyn says:


    Thanks to the sprints! Still not as far forward in my WIP as I’d like to be, but I’ve made a lot more progress since the WWF started than I ever would have without it. I just need to try and make my ‘sprint times’ a habit even when it’s over.


    And totally forgot about checking in. I’ve got edit burnout so the hubby has taken away my writing so I’ll recharge. Oh, it’s still there in my head and actually the ideas have blossomed even brighter since he forced me to take a step back. Tomorrow will be photo shoot for the new covers.

    Congrats to those who met goals and keep going to those who were just shy. Still time to make it up!


  34. not only made my goal, but thanks to the sprint last night, Totally re-wrote 20 pages and made excellent progress. Much better tension between H/h! Thanks ladies!

  35. Addison Fox says:

    So glad to hear everyone’s progress!!!! Again, I’m just so danged proud of everyone and so excited that everyone is seeing their WIPs come together!!!


  36. Well, I took an extra day off this week because I had friends visiting, but I STILL MADE MY GOAL and I had the best writing day yet on Tuesday. I haven’t been doing sprints because staying offline when I’m writing is best for me, but I have been sprinting in a way–writing much faster than I am used to. I’m thinking I might meet my main goal (to finish a rough draft) a couple weeks early in fact! But it’s gonna be super rough (that’s okay, right?) and I want to keep going with the festival, so I might add some new revising/rewriting oriented goals once I get to that stage if that is okay.

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